Solid Rock Ministries (now The Divine Conspiracy) got its start in the early days of the internet, primarily as a means of publishing debates between Christians and atheists, and then quickly evolved into an apologetics site.

Over the years this site has gone through many changes, and the often contentious debates between believers and unbelievers, which was once a site hallmark, have long since disappeared. Instead, the material has slowly and gradually moved in a more scholarly direction. Perhaps, this trend has been parallel to the journey my own life has taken over the past six or seven years. (You can read about some of my journey in a paper I wrote for an Intro to Philosophy class here.)

As I state on the Home page, the goal of The Divine Conspiracy is to present the highest quality material found anywhere on the internet (and especially in one site.) I can say that without boasting because the overwhelming quantity of things found here were not written by me. Most are written by professors and scholars that are specialist in the various areas this site lists under its topics.

As I also state on the Home page, not everything found here is written by Christians, or is sympathetic to the Christian worldview. There are plenty of sites already on the internet that cater to this need. (For a list of some of these check the Bookmarks page.)

Some people may wonder why a Christian would post material hostile to the Christian faith. I have two primary reasons. First, I believe that all worldviews are open to criticism and critique, and this includes Christianity. The "truth" can stand against all forms of falsehood, and since I have traveled through all the major worldviews during my life (again see the paper I mention above), I simply have no fear of competing ideas. Second it was only after I became a Christian that I began to have an open mind. I'm sure that sounds funny to any non-Christian who might be reading this (after all, atheists like to use the term "freethought" to reflect their beliefs), so let me explain what I mean.

When I attended college for the second time, in my middle 20s, I did so primarily to become an FM DJ. During this time, I often did editorials for the college radio station, some of which were directed against Christians/Christianity and conservatives. At the time, I was an atheist. One of my best friends at the station was named Bill, who I'm sure was a Christian, though he never talked about it to me, nor criticized me for my editorials, which ran on his show. The thing that I have never forgotten, however, and which still remains vivid in my mind, was a poster I had on the back of my bathroom door. It said: "Mind like parachute, functions only when open." What a contradiction, because my mind was locked shut into a liberal, anti-religious viewpoint, not that uncommon for a young college student.

Some years later when I became a Christian, I started out as a very liberal one - reading books mixing Christianity with Buddhism and the like. Over the years, and with much reading, I gradually moved in a conservative direction. Finally, I settled into conservative, Evangelical Christianity, though I have never lost that sense of (classical) liberal ideals I once had, which now I would identify as Libertarian.

So, the point of all that is to say this. Unlike those who would criticize Christianity because of all its diversity, I celebrate it, because it's one of its greatest strengths. I would say the two biggest challenges that face Christianity today are atheism and Islam. It's my contention that if you compared the various people that hold the worldviews of Christianity, Islam, or atheism, the greatest diversity of thought and belief would exist within the Christian worldview. Jesus said "you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (Jn 8:32). When I was a liberal and an atheist, I was angry at the world and anyone who didn't believe the things I did. Today, I am at peace with my own beliefs, and with those that believe differently.

Donn Day
Solid Rock Ministries/The Divine Conspiracy
October 2006/March 2007.

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