Donn Day


Antonin Scalia’s Son Speaks About His Father’s Legacy by Dominic Lynch. In an interview with The Federalist, Christopher Scalia opens up about his father and discusses ‘Scalia Speaks,’ a new collection of the late Supreme Court justice’s speeches. More.


The Secrets of Sleep by Jerome Groopman. Why do we need it, and are we getting enough? More.

Myth Redux

The Myth of Scientific Objectivity by William A. Wilson. My friends who work in scientific fields were aghast when they saw that the organizers of a planned “March for Science” had tweeted that “colonization, racism, immigration, native rights, sexism, ableism, […]

Free Will

What Does It Mean to Have Free Will? by Joseph LaPorte. According to one venerable tradition, with roots in St. Augustine, the mark of freedom is to be able to bring about an effect as an “uncaused cause.” In other […]


No, Saving a Child Instead of Embryos in a Burning Building Does Not Negate the Pro-Life Position by Daniel Payne. A recent highly viral tweetstorm by author Patrick Tomlinson claims pro-lifers can’t think their way out of this thought experiment. […]


Fools or Scoundrels? A Response to Patrick Deneen by Robert R. Reilly. To suppose that the Founders set up a republic to vitiate the virtue on which its existence depended requires the belief that they were either stupid (by creating […]


What Allan Bloom Got Right by Todd Gitlin. At his most persuasive, Bloom argued that the university’s original sin was to downgrade philosophy and discard the Great Books. The practice of substituting breadth for depth ushered in “trendiness, mere popularization […]


The Decline of the Midwest’s Public Universities Threatens to Wreck Its Most Vibrant Economies by Jon Marcus. And there could be far-reaching consequences for the national economy too. More.


Does Science Need Mavericks? by Adrian Currie. Staid and conformist, science risks losing its creative spark. Does it need more mavericks, or are they part of the problem? More.


CJ reviews Free People, Free Markets: How the Wall Street Journal Opinion Pages Shaped America by George Melloan.


A Unified Theory of Awesomeness by Scotty Hendricks. There a word that most people use every day without quite knowing what it means, “Awesome”. While the word technically relates to the ability to inspire awe, most of us use it […]


Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? by Benoit Denizet-Lewis. Parents, therapists and schools are struggling to figure out whether helping anxious teenagers means protecting them or pushing them to face their fears. More.


For God and Country by Robert R. Reilly. Do her principles doom America to moral and cultural decline? The question is hardly new. More than two decades ago, Professor John A. Guegan, participating in a conference reflecting on Jesuit priest […]

Basic Income

Universal Basic Income and the Threat of Tyranny by Shai Shapira. Much praise has been heaped on the idea of a universal basic income in recent years. Experiments have begun in many countries, some mainstream politicians are starting to advocate […]


The Bannon Revolution by Ross Douthat. If you squint at the Bannon vision, you can almost imagine it. His professed nationalism, with its promise of infrastructure projects and antitrust actions and maybe even tax hikes on the rich, is potentially […]


Why Your Blood Pressure Probably Isn’t as High as Your Doctor Says by Ross Pomeroy. One simple change could drastically lower rates of hypertension in the United States. No, it’s not proper diet and exercise (though that would definitely make […]


The Charcuterie Board That Revolutionized Basketball by Baxter Holmes. In the past three years, the Warriors have won two NBA titles with the most explosive offense in history. This is the inside tale of how it all began — on […]


The Case for Contrarianism by Oliver Traldi. Another semester, another academic publishing scandal, complete with calls for penitence and punishment. This time the catalyst is “The Case for Colonialism,” a “Viewpoint” editorial in Third World Quarterly. In this essay, Bruce […]


The Battlefield is Dead by Antoine Bousquet. The traditional arena of war is no more. Will it give way to a perpetual continuum of military and paramilitary violence? More.


Amy Barrett, Augustine, and the Relationship between Religion and Politics by Brian Jones. The irony of media coverage of Amy Barrett’s confirmation hearings is that, in fact, Barrett is the one arguing for the truth that religion and politics need […]