Donn Day


Let’s Give The Platitudes Surrounding Terrorism A Rest by David Harsanyi. Following the terrorist attack in Manchester that left at least 22 people dead and dozens injured, most of them children, President Donald Trump referred to terrorists as “evil losers […]


The Return of Marco Polo’s World and the U. S. Military Response by Robert D. Kaplan. The supercontinent is becoming one fluid, comprehensible unit of trade and conflict, as the Westphalian system of states weakens and older, imperial legacies – […]


Terrorism Persists Because It Works by Alan M. Dershowitz. Every time a horrendous terrorist attack victimizes innocent victims we wring our hands and promise to increase security and take other necessary preventive measures. But we fail to recognize how friends […]


Enabling Murder by Bruce Bawer. Western politicians worry more about being called “Islamophobic” than they do about stopping jihadist slaughter. More.


What Is the Impeachment Power For? by Keith Whittington. The power to impeach officers of the United State government is one of the gravest powers entrusted to Congress in the U.S. Constitution. The power is far-ranging and flexible, laying at […]


Scientists Discover Possible First Proof of Parallel Universes by Paul Ratner. A new study about one of the most inexplicable places in the cosmos may offer the first proof that we are living in a multiverse. The idea of a […]


The Closing of the American Mind Thirty Years Later: A Symposium by Nathan Schlueter. All is not well in America—or in the University. Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind offers a profound and compelling diagnosis of the common […]

Unit 180

North Korea’s Unit 180, the Cyber Warfare Cell That Worries the West by Ju-min Park and James Pearson. North Korea’s main spy agency has a special cell called Unit 180 that is likely to have launched some of its most […]


Creative Blocks by David Deutsch. The very laws of physics imply that artificial intelligence must be possible. What’s holding us up? More.


Discoveries Fuel Fight Over Universe’s First Light by Ashley Yeager. A series of observations at the very edge of the universe has reignited a debate over what lifted the primordial cosmic fog. More.


Lone Star Lilliput by Mark Pulliam. Texas is a fast-growing right-to-work state with a robust economy. Only 4 percent of the workforce in Texas belongs to a labor union, less than half the national average. Therefore, the common perception is […]


Jerry Brown Plays the ‘Frugal Adult’ While Quietly Spending by Carson Bruno. It’s budget time again in Sacramento. And as is his wont, Governor Jerry Brown has attempted to signal a tone of frugality. While announcing the May Revise last […]


All This Impeachment Talk Is Pure Trump Derangement Syndrome by Nick Gillespie. That man in the White House is vulgar, disrespectul, maybe even dangerous. So what? More.


Pew Research by Jeff Sharlet. To understand the political power of evangelicals, we must look beyond the pulpits. More.


Failure to Thrive by Stephen Eide. Since the 1960s, America has faced an epidemic of serious mental illness that represents a shameful chapter in social policymaking. Hundreds of billions spent on “mental health” programs have left many untreated, fated to […]


When Your Child Is a Psychopath by Barbara Bradley Hagerty. The condition has long been considered untreatable. Experts can spot it in a child as young as 3 or 4. But a new clinical approach offers hope. More.


The Media Elite Is Indulging Dangerous Fantasies About Removing Trump From Office by John Daniel Davidson. Ross Douthat argues in The New York Times that the cabinet and Congress should remove Trump from office. It’s a reckless argument for undermining […]


“Powerlessness and the Politics of Blame” Martha C. Nussbaum The Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts See here.


Democracy Needs Politeness by Steven Bullock. Autocrats shouted, cursed, and bullied, while American revolutionaries used politeness as a tool of radical politics. More.


What You Should Be Thinking When You Argue With Your Partner by Loren Soeiro. One critical skill that can help save a relationship. More.