Why Conservatives Hate Public Schools (and What to Do About It) by Bruce Frohnen. Why do Conservatives hate public schools? Reasons are legion: early childhood sex education programs focusing on “how to” guides provided by Planned Parenthood and featuring anal […]


Thresholds of Violence by Malcolm Gladwell. How school shootings catch on. More.


Understanding Victimhood Culture: An Interview with Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning by Claire Lehmann. Bradley Campbell, Associate Professor of Sociology at California State University, and Jason Manning, Associate Professor of Sociology at West Virginia University, have been described as “prophets […]


Can’t See For Miles by Mark P. Mills. The perils of technology forecasting, particularly regarding energy. More.


Nearly Half The Kentucky Derby Field Is Racing Against A Half-Brother by Pia Catton and Gus Wezerek. And if the horse in the next stall isn’t a half-brother, he’s definitely some kind of cousin. More.


The Reinvention of America by James Fallows. Americans don’t realize how fast the country is moving toward becoming a better version of itself. More.


The Man Who Brought Down Lance Armstrong by Matt Hart. Floyd Landis, a former teammate of the cyclist’s, just won more than $1 million in a legal case against Armstrong. Here are his thoughts on the suit, cycling, and his […]


He Saw What Others Didn’t by Brian Allen. The Whitney’s Grant Wood retrospective spotlights a uniquely Midwestern genius. More.


Doctors Tell All—and It’s Bad by Meghan O’Rourke. A crop of books by disillusioned physicians reveals a corrosive doctor-patient relationship at the heart of our health-care crisis. More.


PD reviews iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids are Growing up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy, and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood–and What That Means for the Rest of Us by Jean M. Twenge.


The Problem Isn’t Cambridge Analytica: It’s Facebook by Kalev Leetaru. Cambridge Analytica garnered headlines across the world on Friday as Facebook formally suspended the company from its platform over allegations that it had improperly received and retained data on tens […]

Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars Still Don’t Know How to See by Meredith Broussard. An Uber autonomous SUV killed a pedestrian. What does that say about the promise of self-driving technology? More.

Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons Are Back, Thanks to Russia by Judith Miller. The banned agents are increasingly being used for assassination and terror. More.


Get Your Kicks by Guy Claxton. No wonder adolescents jump off cliffs and fall in crazy love – they are constantly stifled by school and society alike. More.


Rich People Are Ruining Wine by James Conaway. …and Napa Valley is forever changing as a result. More.


What If America Didn’t Have Public Schools? by Julie Halpert. Imagining an entirely different educational system reveals some strengths—and flaws—of the current one. More.


Confidence Tricks by Matt Seybold. The financial world is a theatrical production, abundantly lubricated by that magical elixir of illusionists: confidence. More.


Thinking Critically About Social Justice by Uri Harris. Yesterday, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released a memo written by an attorney, Jayme Sophir, which determined that Google did not violate United States federal law when it fired James […]


The Peterson Principle: Intellectual Complexity and Journalistic Incompetence by Paul Benedetti. Today’s mainstream reporting on difficult subjects is often bereft of most of the qualities that define journalism itself. Instead, it demonstrates a lack of respect for evidence; a penchant […]


The NBA’s Secret Wine Society by Baxter Holmes. The inside-the-bottle story of the intense love affair between NBA stars and the gilded grape. More.