No Thug Left Behind by Katherine Kersten. Obsessed with “racial equity,” St. Paul schools abandoned discipline—and unleashed mayhem. More.


The Real Casanova by Laurence Bergreen. His name is synonymous with serial seduction but Casanova’s memoirs reveal a man greater than the sum of his ‘conquests.’ More.


Information Avoidance by Russell Golman, David Hagmann, and George Loewenstein. We commonly think of information as a means to an end. However, a growing theoretical and experimental literature suggests that information may directly enter the agent’s utility function. This can […]


Cover of Darkness by Jamie Bartlett. The cypherpunks are winning the crypto-war against government spies. What will happen when everyone is anonymous? More.


Sordid but Not Guilty by Theodore Dalrymple. What a criminal trial of two soccer players says about British society. More.


Your Marriage: You Have No Idea of the Good You Are Doing by Doug Mainwaring. None of us can truly gauge the impact of our lives on others. More.


The Disrupters by Gregory Ferenstein. Silicon Valley elites’ vision of the future. More.


Abortion Widens the Gender Gap and Exploits Women by Brian E. Fisher. The “women’s rights” argument for abortion ubiquitous in modern Western culture reframes the act of abortion as a means to women’s freedom. Yet, historically, abortion has been and […]


From Culture to Cupcakes by Heather Mac Donald. The once-great University of California at Berkeley continues its descent into victimology. More.


The Misunderstood Genius of Russell Westbrook by Sam Anderson. Following the departure of his superstar teammate, Russell Westbrook was left to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder all by himself. That’s when something special happened. More.


Hillbilly Energy by Rod Dreher. J.D. Vance and the forces that elected Trump. More. (Hillbilly Elegy is on my reading list, and hope to get to it soon!)


Russia’s City of Rebels by Christian Neef. St. Petersburg is a place of protest against power — and the only major Russian city in which the opposition still has a voice. Why? More.


Dark Books by Tara Isabella Burton. What’s more wholesome than reading? Yet books wield a dangerous power: the best erode self, infecting readers with ideas. More.


The Dark Side of American Optimism by Derek Thompson. And the bright side of rising pessimism about the American Dream. More.

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The first year (2008) TDC was online, page views were 18,384. Four years later (2012) yearly page views were 528,200. Now four years later (2016) page views were 1,320,596. As always, thanks to all that spend time on this site. […]


When Finnish Teachers Work in America’s Public Schools by Timothy D. Walker. There are more restrictions to professional freedom in the United States, and the educators find the school day overly rigid. More.

Mosul Dam

A Bigger Problem Than ISIS? by Dexter Filkins. The Mosul Dam is failing. A breach would cause a colossal wave that could kill as many as a million and a half people. More.


The Economist: How Vienna Produced Ideas That Shaped the West Across the cobbles of Vienna’s Michaelerplatz the world of empires, waltzes and mutton-chop whiskers glowers at the modern age of psychoanalysis, atonal music and clean shaves. In one corner, the […]


Where the ‘Bad Kids’ Go to School by Emily DeRuy. A 2016 documentary magnifies an often ignored part of the education world. More.