Inside Turkey’s Purge by Suzy Hansen. As the ruling party expands the ranks of its enemies, life in a fragile democracy becomes stranger and stranger. More.


Upside-down Down Under by Kay S. Hymowitz. Here’s a riddle for our politically twisted times: when is a black woman a white supremacist? Answer: when she speaks out against female genital mutilation, sharia law, and jihadism. More.


When Liberals “Lie About the Problem of Islamism” It Empowers the Right, Says Sam Harris by Derek Beres. Sam Harris espouses liberal politics, yet he’s received his share of criticism from the left for his views on Islam. He has […]


Why France Is Revolting against the Ancien Régime by Michel Gurfinkiel. The old political guard is collapsing in France. A matter of neglected issues: Muslim immigration, the drift towards a two-tier society, and a weird electoral system. More.


Egypt Has Figured Out How to Defeat ISIS: Defend Christians by Micah Halpern. Al Sisi knows that once ISIS is finished with Egypt’s Christians, they’ll turn to mainstream Muslims. More.


The ‘Racism’ Libel Against the Trump Administration by David P. Goldman. There is a deep civilizational divide between the Judeo-Christian West and Islam. No Muslim-majority country has yet entered the modern world, with the partial exception of Turkey (which modernized […]


The Jihadi Who Turned to Jesus by Patrick Kingsley. When 22 Christian refugees gathered in the basement of an apartment in Istanbul early on a recent Sunday afternoon, it was quickly clear that this was no ordinary prayer meeting. Several […]


How To Counter Political Islam by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It is refreshing and heartening that President Trump acknowledges the need for an ideological campaign against “radical Islam.” This deserves to be called a paradigm shift. President Bush often referred to […]


Oman: The Middle East’s Most Surprising Country by Daniel Pipes. Oman, where I have spent the past week, is an Arab country unlike any other. More.


Europe’s Turkish Awakening by Burak Bekdil. Turkey, officially, is a candidate for full membership in the European Union. It is also negotiating with Brussels a deal that would allow millions of Turks to travel to Europe without visa. But Turkey […]


Report: Homegrown Terrorism is Top Threat to UK by Soeren Kern. Homegrown terrorism inspired by the Islamic State poses the dominant threat to the national security of the United Kingdom, according to a comprehensive new report on violent Islamism in […]


Extremist Muslims’ One-Way Street by Burak Bekdil. President Donald Trump’s executive order of January 27, 2017, temporarily limiting entry from seven majority-Muslim countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — for 90 days, until vetting procedures can […]


Why Secular Denmark Is Using a Sledgehammer to Protect the Sacred by Erasmus. Denmark is one of the least religious countries in the world; a poll has found that barely one in five Danes considers faith to be a really […]


What Jesus Can Teach Today’s Muslims by Mustafa Akyol. What is the trouble with Islam? Why are there so many angry Muslims in the world who loathe the West? Why do self-declared Islamic states impose harsh laws that oppress minorities, […]


The Blackwater of Jihad by Rao Komar, Christian Borys, and Eric Woods. A consortium of elite, well-paid fighters from across the former Soviet Union are training jihadis in Syria. Their business model could go global. More.


Religious Freedom in the Muslim World: A Nuanced Appraisal by Daniel Philpott. What is the status of religious freedom in Islam, and what are its prospects? An answer to this question must begin with a nuanced appraisal of the political […]


The Return of Islam’s Child Soldiers by Raymond Ibrahim. An ISIS “cub” prepares to execute a prisoner in an abandoned amusement park in a video released earlier this month. Past and present, Muslim militants continue relying on the same inhumane […]


This Is the Moment for an Israeli Victory by Daniel Pipes. The U.S.-sponsored Israeli–Palestinian “peace process” began in December 1988, when Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasir Arafat met American conditions and “accepted United Nations Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, […]


Incitement to Hypocrisy by Theodore Dalrymple. The Netherlands unevenly applies a law forbidding provocation. More.


Which American Value Dictates That Jews Can’t Live in Judea or Samaria? by David French. In his bitter, scolding speech defending the Obama administration’s betrayal of Israel at the U.N., John Kerry spoke at length about “values.” Specifically, he declared […]