The Tyranny of the Subjective by Elizabeth Finne. We are living in socially and politically bewildering times. One of the reasons for this is the sheer number of other people’s lives we are touched by on account of exponential developments […]


The Mirage of Knowledge by Lydialyle Gibson. Tom Nichols dissects the dangerous antipathy to expertise. More.


Silicon Valley and the ABCs of Diversity by Kirio Birks. When discussing diversity, the loudest voices are the ones which treat diversity as intrinsically valuable. Diversity is viewed as something of which more is always better, an idea flying in […]


Philosophical Intuition: Just What Is ‘a Priori’ Justification? by Bruce Russell. There is another kind of justification, that ultimately founds all of our justified beliefs. It is called a priori. What is your justification in believing that 2 + 2 […]


Quillette reviews The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save it by Yascha Mounk.


Selfishness Is Killing Liberalism by James Traub. The path to its revival lies in self-sacrifice, and in placing collective interests ahead of the narrowly personal. More.


Godless Yet Good by Troy Jollimore. There’s something in religious tradition that helps people be ethical. But it isn’t actually their belief in God. More.


No, Steven Pinker, The Enlightenment Doesn’t Pit Reason Against Faith by Paul Bonicelli. Steven Pinker oversimplifies the Enlightenment by claiming it pits reason against faith. In fact, the Enlightenment sprung from Christian ideas of nature. More.


Quillette reviews Why Liberalism Failed by Patrick Deneen.


Why “Open Borders” is a Dangerous Idea by George Gallatin. A decade before he fell to esophageal cancer Christopher Hitchens gave a series of riveting speeches on George Orwell. In them Hitchens argued that Orwell was an intellectual of such […]


In Defense of Offense by Michael Robillard. In September of last year, conservative speaker, Ben Shapiro, spoke at the UC Berkeley campus for approximately 90 minutes. The cost of security for the physical protection of Mr. Shapiro, an American citizen, […]


Against the Technocrats by Sheri Berman. Reading the newspaper today can make one easily depressed about democracy. Promising new democracies in Poland, Hungary, and Turkey have slid into illiberalism and pseudo-authoritarianism while long-standing democracies in the West are under attack […]


Self-Evident by Serife Tekin. Contrary to recent opinion, there is such a thing as the self, and it is empirically amenable to scientific investigation. More.


It’s Complicated by Samuel Arbesman. Human ingenuity has created a world that the mind cannot master. Have we finally reached our limits? More.


False Hopes and Invisible Enemies by Jonny Anomaly. People are pattern-seekers. When we observe patterns in the natural world we often seek a deeper explanation for them. An example of a pattern that has captured the attention of academics is […]


Are You Sleepwalking Now? by Thomas Metzinger. Given how little control we have of our wandering minds, how can we cultivate real mental autonomy? More.

Critical Theory

Jordan B Peterson, Critical Theory, and the New Bourgeoisie by Uri Harris. There’s no question critical theory can be useful, and that viewing societal elements—beliefs, values, norms, institutions—through a lens of power and examining whose interests they serve can provide […]


The Real Adam Smith by Paul Sagar. He might be the poster boy for free-market economics, but that distorts what Adam Smith really thought. More.


The Metaphysics of Democracy by Thomas Joseph White. Liberalism began as a political project that sought to curtail the role of religion in public life. Religious impulses haven’t proven easy to expel, however, even in secular societies. Contemporary secular liberalism […]


Jefferson’s “Master Epicurus” and the Nature of the American Regime by Aaron Alexander Zubia. While the American regime is often criticized as Hobbesian, the letters of Thomas Jefferson provide evidence that it may be more accurately described as Epicurean. More.