No, Saving a Child Instead of Embryos in a Burning Building Does Not Negate the Pro-Life Position by Daniel Payne. A recent highly viral tweetstorm by author Patrick Tomlinson claims pro-lifers can’t think their way out of this thought experiment. […]


Fools or Scoundrels? A Response to Patrick Deneen by Robert R. Reilly. To suppose that the Founders set up a republic to vitiate the virtue on which its existence depended requires the belief that they were either stupid (by creating […]


What Allan Bloom Got Right by Todd Gitlin. At his most persuasive, Bloom argued that the university’s original sin was to downgrade philosophy and discard the Great Books. The practice of substituting breadth for depth ushered in “trendiness, mere popularization […]


CJ reviews Free People, Free Markets: How the Wall Street Journal Opinion Pages Shaped America by George Melloan.


For God and Country by Robert R. Reilly. Do her principles doom America to moral and cultural decline? The question is hardly new. More than two decades ago, Professor John A. Guegan, participating in a conference reflecting on Jesuit priest […]

Basic Income

Universal Basic Income and the Threat of Tyranny by Shai Shapira. Much praise has been heaped on the idea of a universal basic income in recent years. Experiments have begun in many countries, some mainstream politicians are starting to advocate […]


The Bannon Revolution by Ross Douthat. If you squint at the Bannon vision, you can almost imagine it. His professed nationalism, with its promise of infrastructure projects and antitrust actions and maybe even tax hikes on the rich, is potentially […]


The Case for Contrarianism by Oliver Traldi. Another semester, another academic publishing scandal, complete with calls for penitence and punishment. This time the catalyst is “The Case for Colonialism,” a “Viewpoint” editorial in Third World Quarterly. In this essay, Bruce […]


The Battlefield is Dead by Antoine Bousquet. The traditional arena of war is no more. Will it give way to a perpetual continuum of military and paramilitary violence? More.


Amy Barrett, Augustine, and the Relationship between Religion and Politics by Brian Jones. The irony of media coverage of Amy Barrett’s confirmation hearings is that, in fact, Barrett is the one arguing for the truth that religion and politics need […]


Nationalism, Liberalism and the European Paradox by Sumantra Maitra. The entire European project was built on two fundamentally different ideas. One that promotes economic welfare based on borderless free trade, the free market and social individualism. And the other, promoting […]


Pension Math: Public Pension Spending and Service Crowd Out in California, 2003-2030 by Joe Nation. California public pension plans are funded on the basis of policies and assumptions that can delay recognition of their true cost. Even with this delay, […]


Dear Jimmy Kimmel: Stay Out Of The Gun Debate If You Can’t Be Honest by Daniel Payne. Dear Mr. Kimmel, I don’t actually watch your show—the lost-sleep-to-comedy ratio isn’t in your favor, I’m afraid—but as a political opinion writer I […]


Why Nation-States Are Good by Dani Rodrik. The nation-state remains the best foundation for capitalism, and hyper-globalisation risks destroying it More.


Betraying Liberal Education: A Response to President Paxson of Brown University by R.J. Snell. Today’s universities are allergic to making substantive claims about what it means to live well in a good society. But liberal education, rightly understood, is a […]


Michael Rosen reviews The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray.


Political Campaigning May Be Mostly Pointless by Ross Pomeroy. Roughly $6.8 billion was spent during the 2016 election, and according to a forthcoming study in American Political Science Review, much of it probably went down the drain. That money wasn’t […]


Smearing Free Thought In Silicon Valley by Gideon Scopes. In the aftermath of the so-called Google memo affair, there has been no shortage of misleading and in some cases downright inaccurate media coverage painting the author, James Damore, and his […]


CJ reviews Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century by Jessica Bruder.


Global Warming Alarmists Shouldn’t Exploit Hurricanes by Myron Ebell. The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 5th Assessment Report expresses “low confidence” in predicting increases in the intensity and duration of tropical hurricanes and typhoons worldwide over the long term […]