The Crisis of Liberty in the West by Ryan Anderson. The West faces a deep crisis of liberty. Full human flourishing is hindered by the dawning collapse of civil society and by crony capitalism and cultural cronyism. Natural law arguments, […]


Pittsburgh, Not Paris: Explaining the Climate Hysteria by Peter Wood. When President Trump announced his exit from the Paris Climate Accord, the usual suspects responded with their usual agitation and doomsaying. How can so many people subscribe to an idea—and […]


Can Jonathan Haidt Calm the Culture Wars? by Evan R. Goldstein. For the next hour, Haidt roams the stage, TED-talk style (he’s delivered four), and explains what he calls “the new moral culture spreading on many college campuses.” It is […]


Kamala Harris, Speak Up. Don’t Be Silent on Women’s Rights by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Q. Nomani. There is a real discomfort among progressives on the left with calling out Islamic extremism. Partly they fear offending members of a […]


Decrypting Jefferson by Andrew Salzone. Understanding the author of America’s Declaration of Independence is easier said than done. He may have hated big government, but big government was born of the rationalism that he loved. More.


Giving Terrorists a Heads-up by Heather Mac Donald. A proposed law would force the NYPD to publicize the details of its surveillance technology. More.


John Stuart Mill’s Intolerant Faith and the Religion of Liberalism by Samuel Gregg. John Stuart Mill foreshadows the deeply intolerant faith and agenda of contemporary liberalism. More.


Peter Berkowitz reviews Past and Present: The Challenges of Modernity, from the Pre-Victorians to the Postmodernists by Gertrude Himmelfarb.


PD reviews Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy by Cathy O’Neil.


The Utopian Aspirations of the Fight Against Climate Change: A Call for Moderation by Carson Holloway. The effort to combat climate change aspires to feats of social control, coordination, and foresight that are unprecedented in the history of politics. Our […]


To New York Times, Bipartisanship Means Blaming GOP When Both Democrats And Republicans Are Shot by Mollie Hemingway. A New York Times editorial blames Republicans for violence against Democrats despite no relationship, and blames Republicans for violence against Republicans when […]


Britain’s Election Disaster by Theodore Dalrymple. Theresa May’s political incompetence carries a high price. More.


Making Sense of the Founders: Politics, Natural Rights, and the Laws of Nature by Justin Dyer. It is often alleged that the American founders lacked a unified and coherent political theory. To the contrary, a recent book by Thomas West […]


Is Gotham Ready for Bioterror? by Tevi Troy. Maybe—but distributing remedies would be daunting. More.


Fountainheads of Fusionism by Jordan J. Ballor. The relationship between Edmund Burke and Adam Smith underscores a fundamental connection between virtue and liberty. More.


There Is No Political Tribe That Deserves Your Loyalty by David Harsanyi. Not if you’re truly apprehensive about creeping authoritarianism. More.


Suppose You Were an Idiot: On the Importance of Acknowledging Incompetence by Dylan Pahman. Political theory typically attributes political action to one of two main motivations: idealism or self-interest. But incompetence plays a much larger role than many assume. More.


Terrorism Is Not Random by Kevin D. Williamson. Tim McVeigh was God’s gift to the Left, and the Left will forever keep his memory alive, tending it like a kind of sacred flame. Al-Qaeda attacks the United States on September […]


Vietnam’s Unhealed Wounds by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. On April 23, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford delivered an address at Tulane University in New Orleans. As the president spoke, more than 100,000 North Vietnamese troops were approaching Saigon, having […]


Mass. Teachers Union Snubs National Teacher of the Year by Michael Jonas. Sydney Chaffee was welcomed to the White House last month. She was honored at an event in Boston by the governor and the state education commissioner. But the […]