The Upside-Down Morals of Today’s Britain by Bruce Bawer. Britain! It’s the nation that, during World War II, stood alone under Churchill in defense of its own freedoms, the nation whose first woman prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, stood shoulder to […]


The Tyranny of the Subjective by Elizabeth Finne. We are living in socially and politically bewildering times. One of the reasons for this is the sheer number of other people’s lives we are touched by on account of exponential developments […]


Elizabeth Warren Is In A Spin War With Democrats, And Conservatives Should Pay Attention by Liz Mair. Warren semi-regularly fluffs her facts on what is supposed to be her area of policy expertise. Anger seems to matter more to her […]


The Last Temptation by Michael Gerson. How evangelicals, once culturally confident, became an anxious minority seeking political protection from the least traditionally religious president in living memory. More.

Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons Are Back, Thanks to Russia by Judith Miller. The banned agents are increasingly being used for assassination and terror. More.

Death Redux

PD reviews The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray.


Connecticut on the Brink by Stephen Eide. The wealthy northeastern state’s progressive fiscal model is unsustainable. More.


Silicon Valley and the ABCs of Diversity by Kirio Birks. When discussing diversity, the loudest voices are the ones which treat diversity as intrinsically valuable. Diversity is viewed as something of which more is always better, an idea flying in […]


Ban Facebook Before Elections by Jeet Heer. The company refuses to regulate fake news, so the U.S. government should regulate the company. More.


What If America Didn’t Have Public Schools? by Julie Halpert. Imagining an entirely different educational system reveals some strengths—and flaws—of the current one. More.


Speakers Cornered by Theodore Dalrymple. The anti-free-speech mob comes to Britain. More.


Marriage and Family Life Cannot be Privatized by Scott Yenor. The existence of each political community depends on married adults having children and raising them to responsible adulthood. More.


How Did the Parkland Shooter Slip Through the Cracks? by Max Eden. Broward County’s effort to fight the “school-to-prison-pipeline” may have helped Nikolas Cruz stay under law enforcement’s radar. More.


Tucker Carlson: The Populist Paladin of Primetime by Alan Pell. Willing to challenge positions sacrosanct to Republicans, he’s hit a winning formula with today’s conservatives. More.

Red Borough

New York’s Red Borough by Seth Barron. Staten Island has long been an exception to the city’s liberal political culture and voting patterns. More.


Jill Abramson Smears Justice Thomas, Again by Carrie Severino. Jill “Ahab” Abramson is at it again. Her obsessive quest to try and destroy Clarence Thomas (and pull her career out of free fall) has resulted in another 4,200 words of […]


Quillette reviews The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save it by Yascha Mounk.


Confidence Tricks by Matt Seybold. The financial world is a theatrical production, abundantly lubricated by that magical elixir of illusionists: confidence. More.


Selfishness Is Killing Liberalism by James Traub. The path to its revival lies in self-sacrifice, and in placing collective interests ahead of the narrowly personal. More.


Thinking Critically About Social Justice by Uri Harris. Yesterday, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released a memo written by an attorney, Jayme Sophir, which determined that Google did not violate United States federal law when it fired James […]