Critical Theory

Jordan B Peterson, Critical Theory, and the New Bourgeoisie by Uri Harris. There’s no question critical theory can be useful, and that viewing societal elements—beliefs, values, norms, institutions—through a lens of power and examining whose interests they serve can provide […]


Change Artists by Abby Ellin. The rules for reinvention have changed. Whether you want to end procrastination or become more sociable, it’s possible to change basic elements of yourself. But first you have to grapple with your hidden fears. Still, […]


The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous by Gabrielle Glaser. Its faith-based 12-step program dominates treatment in the United States. But researchers have debunked central tenets of AA doctrine and found dozens of other treatments more effective. More.


The Autism Paradox by Bonnie Evans. How an autism diagnosis became both a clinical label and an identity; a stigma to be challenged and a status to be embraced. More.


6 Relationship Resolutions for the New Year by Jeremy Nicholson. Self-improvement goals for better dating and relating in the year to come! More.


Collision with Reality: What Depth Psychology Can Tell us About Victimhood Culture by Lisa Marchiano. A mother in my practice recently shared that her child’s seventh grade year began with the teacher having students share their preferred pronouns. Immediately afterwards, […]


ADHD, or Childhood Narcissism? by Enrico Gnaulati. Ten times as many children are diagnosed with ADHD today as were in the 1970s. What if their behavior—consistently distracted, hyperactive, impulsive—really indicates something else? More.

AI-nxiety Redux

Rational AI-nxiety: A Counter-Argument by Anna Marieta Moise. This is a reply to the article here. More.


The Touch of Madness by David Dobbs. Culture profoundly shapes our ideas about mental illness, which is something psychologist Nev Jones knows all too well. More.


Irrational AI-nxiety by Edward Clint. Very smart people tell us to be very worried about AI. But very smart people can also be very wrong and their paranoia is a form of cognitive bias owed to our evolved psychology. Concerns […]


Can Teamwork Solve One Of Psychology’s Biggest Problems? by Christie Aschwanden. Psychologist Christopher Chartier admits to a case of “physics envy.” That field boasts numerous projects on which international research teams come together to tackle big questions. Just think of […]


The Implicit Association Test: Flawed Science Tricks Americans into Believing They Are Unconscious Racists by Althea Nagai. Before the Implicit Association Test becomes entrenched in public policy and the law, its proponents should address questions about the reliability and validity […]


When Do Men With Power Engage in Sexual Harassment? by Gwendolyn Seidman. Beginning with famed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, numerous powerful men have recently been accused of sexual harassment. Many people were shocked and dismayed that so many men would […]


Freud in the Scanner by M M Owen. A revival of interest in the power of introspection and thought has brought Freud’s ideas back into the scientific fold. More.

Dark Side

There’s a Dark Side to Mindfulness Meditation by Derek Beres. A new paper published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin investigates the potential “dark side” to one such technique, mindfulness meditation. This is not a new concept. For thousands of […]


Why Sexual Aggression Is About Both Sex and Power by Gregg Henriques. Both power and sex play a role in sexual aggression. More.


The Trouble With Scientists by Philip Ball. How one psychologist is tackling human biases in science. More.


How to Tell If You’re a Jerk by Eric Schwitzgebel. If you think everyone around you is terrible, the joke may be on you. More.


10 Things to Be Thankful For by Barton Goldsmith. There are a million. Here are a few to get you started. More.


Is Spirituality Our Natural Inclination or Is It Learned? by Philip Perry. There’s a trend in sociology within the last century or so, arguing for or against what’s known as the Intuitive Belief Hypothesis. While psychology has been contributing to […]