The Way

The Christian Way: A statement by Evangelicals and Catholics Together. See here.


Why Religion Is Not Going Away and Science Will Not Destroy It by Peter Harrison. n 1966, just over 50 years ago, the distinguished Canadian-born anthropologist Anthony Wallace confidently predicted the global demise of religion at the hands of an […]


Roy Moore Reminds Me of My Rabbi by Bethany Mandel. In 2014, on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Rabbi Barry Freundel led the congregation of his Washington synagogue in pursuit of humble repentance before God. Ten […]


Is Spirituality Our Natural Inclination or Is It Learned? by Philip Perry. There’s a trend in sociology within the last century or so, arguing for or against what’s known as the Intuitive Belief Hypothesis. While psychology has been contributing to […]


Struggling to see Palestine by Michael Press. For Westerners, the Bible and its prophecies have obscured as much as they’ve revealed about the Holy Land. More.


Why Are Non-Believers Turning to Their Bibles? by Ben Sixsmith. Even in the middle of the atheism boom, Richard Dawkins described himself as a “secular Christian”. To the author of The God Delusion this meant an appreciation of “aesthetic elements” […]


The Secularization of Vocation by Jordan J. Ballor. On the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, it is worth returning to the thought of Martin Luther, particularly his understanding of vocation. More.


Can Cosmology Prove or Disprove Creation? by William E. Carroll. Whatever begins has a cause. Big Bang cosmology tells us that the universe has a beginning. Therefore, the universe as a whole has a cause; that is, it is created. […]

Religious Liberty

The Church and the Republic by Richard Reinsch. Orestes Brownson’s wonderful essay “Civil and Religious Freedom” (1864) provides a remarkable philosophical and constitutional defense of religious liberty. The essay bears the particular merit of bridging the traditional American understanding of […]

Reformation Day

Three Things I Want My Catholic Friends to Know about Reformation Day by Anna Mussmann. This is the time of year when my Lutheran friends share photos of Reformation choirs and Luther-themed socks on social media. Yet to my Roman […]

Free Will

What Does It Mean to Have Free Will? by Joseph LaPorte. According to one venerable tradition, with roots in St. Augustine, the mark of freedom is to be able to bring about an effect as an “uncaused cause.” In other […]


Fools or Scoundrels? A Response to Patrick Deneen by Robert R. Reilly. To suppose that the Founders set up a republic to vitiate the virtue on which its existence depended requires the belief that they were either stupid (by creating […]


For God and Country by Robert R. Reilly. Do her principles doom America to moral and cultural decline? The question is hardly new. More than two decades ago, Professor John A. Guegan, participating in a conference reflecting on Jesuit priest […]


Amy Barrett, Augustine, and the Relationship between Religion and Politics by Brian Jones. The irony of media coverage of Amy Barrett’s confirmation hearings is that, in fact, Barrett is the one arguing for the truth that religion and politics need […]


LARB profiles theologian David Bentley Hart.


First Things and the Market Economy: A Response to R. R. Reno by Samuel Gregg. More than ever, religiously informed conservatives should underscore the importance of market economies for ordered liberty. More.


Watching William Friedkin’s Documentary About Exorcism Can Make You Believe In God by Samuel Buntz. William Friedkin, director of “The Exorcist,” is releasing a new documentary, “The Devil and Father Amorth,” detailing a real-life exorcism. Last year for Vanity Fair […]


Atheists Are Nicer to Christians Than Christians Are to Atheists, Says New Study by Paul Ratner. A new study by psychologists at Ohio University found that atheists are nicer to Christians than the other way around. The study, however, discovered […]

A Right

There’s No Such Thing as Islamophobia by Pascal Bruckner. Critique of religion is a fundamental Western right, not an illness. More.


Why Pray? by Benjamin Dueholm. Prayer occurs in many faiths. It stays recognizable despite its varied forms. It must be good for something – but what? More.