Is Linguistics a Science? by Arika Okrent. Much of linguistic theory is so abstract and dependent on theoretical apparatus that it might be impossible to explain. More.


Greetings, E.T. (Please Don’t Murder Us.) by Steven Johnson. A new initiative to beam messages into space may be our best shot yet at learning whether we’re alone in the universe. There’s just one problem: What if we’re not? More.


Pittsburgh, Not Paris: Explaining the Climate Hysteria by Peter Wood. When President Trump announced his exit from the Paris Climate Accord, the usual suspects responded with their usual agitation and doomsaying. How can so many people subscribe to an idea—and […]


fAIth by Beth Singler. The most avid believers in artificial intelligence are aggressively secular – yet their language is eerily religious. Why? More.


When Neurology Becomes Theology by Robert A. Burton. A neurologist’s perspective on research into consciousness. More.


The Utopian Aspirations of the Fight Against Climate Change: A Call for Moderation by Carson Holloway. The effort to combat climate change aspires to feats of social control, coordination, and foresight that are unprecedented in the history of politics. Our […]


Is Gotham Ready for Bioterror? by Tevi Troy. Maybe—but distributing remedies would be daunting. More.


This Island Life by Lewis Spurgin. The strange biology of island populations highlights the role of chance, not just selection, in evolutionary change. More.


Scientists Discover Possible First Proof of Parallel Universes by Paul Ratner. A new study about one of the most inexplicable places in the cosmos may offer the first proof that we are living in a multiverse. The idea of a […]


Creative Blocks by David Deutsch. The very laws of physics imply that artificial intelligence must be possible. What’s holding us up? More.


Discoveries Fuel Fight Over Universe’s First Light by Ashley Yeager. A series of observations at the very edge of the universe has reignited a debate over what lifted the primordial cosmic fog. More.

A Third

About a Third of FDA-Approved Drugs Go on to Have Major Safety Issues by Beth Mole. Amid calls for faster reviews, researchers look for ways to catch dangerous drugs. More.


What Does It Mean to Be a ‘Catholic Scientist’? by William E. Carroll. Any reference to “Catholic scientists” might appear to mean scientists who happen to be Catholics, just as one would speak of politicians, economists, or writers who happen […]


The Evolution of Minds by William Carroll. Significant advances in evolutionary biology and the neurosciences have led many who are already committed to a materialist philosophy to offer sweeping accounts of the origin and development of life, from bacteria to […]


The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution by Natalie Wolchover. As physicists extend the 19th-century laws of thermodynamics to the quantum realm, they’re rewriting the relationships among energy, entropy and information. More.


A Theory of Consciousness Can Help Build a Theory of Everything by George Musser. Neuroscience is weighing in on physics’ biggest questions. More.


Are Microbiologists Climate-Denying Science Haters? by Alex Berezow. Recently, I gave a seminar on “fake news” to professors and grad students at a large public university. Early in my talk, I polled the audience: “How many of you believe climate […]


Reaction To Bret Stephens’ Global Warming Column Shows Left Isn’t Interested In Debate by David Harsanyi. There’s no space left for any conversation that doesn’t begin with “You’re right. What can I do to help?” More.


The Real “Anti-Science” by Wesley J. Smith. When Bill Nye the Science Guy complains of a war being waged on science, he should look in the mirror. Nye, who is actually the mechanical engineering guy—that’s his educational background—is more guilty […]


The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge by Donald L. Drakeman. Abraham Flexner, founder of the Institute for Advanced Study, has much to teach modern researchers—not only about seeking knowledge for its own sake, but also about effective fundraising and private philanthropy. […]