How I Teach Theology to Undergrads by Aristotle Papanikolaou. Being religious is not about following rules. It’s more like dancing. More.


The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife by Ariel Sabar. A hotly contested, supposedly ancient manuscript suggests Christ was married. But believing its origin story—a real-life Da Vinci Code, involving a Harvard professor, a onetime Florida pornographer, and an escape from […]


The Son and the Sun: How Christmas became a Christian Feast by Andrew McGowan. Assumptions about Christian borrowings from “pagan” tradition are not as well-grounded as many assume. Interest in the solstice points to a common desire to make sense […]


Communicating the Good: The Politics and Ethics of ‘The Common Good’ by Oliver O’Donovan. “Communication” is the readiness to assert a private interest only to the extent that it can become a common interest. The private interest must first be […]


Literal Interpretation of Bible ‘Helps Increase Church Attendance’ by Harriet Sherwood. Study finds conservative theology mixed with innovative worship approach helps Protestant churches grow congregations. More.


7 Reasons to Study Theology by Scott Redd. See here.


Christ’s Rabble by David Bentley Hart. For two and a half years I have been working on a translation of the New Testament for Yale University Press, which I recently completed. It should not have taken me that long, but […]


Teaching Calvin in California by Jonathan Sheehan. We spend a great deal of time worrying about theology these days. From extremist violence to the American culture wars, the theological imagination can feel like an existential threat to liberal democracy. Or […]


Francis Schaeffer and Christian Intellectualism by Jake Meador. In his recent essay on Christian intellectualism (see link here), Alan Jacobs dates the high point of the public Christian intellectual in America as being in the late 1940s. Citing the influence […]


The Watchmen by Alan Jacobs. What became of the Christian intellectuals? More.


James Bruce reviews Taking Rites Seriously: Law, Politics, and the Reasonableness of Faith by Francis J. Beckwith.


The Wildness of Things by Paul Gleason. Marilynne Robinson is a Christian in a country that increasingly isn’t. She belongs to the American “mainline,” a collection of Protestant denominations with deep roots in European history, reliably liberal politics and, if […]


How to Defeat Terrorism by David Solway. No less important, indeed, perhaps the most crucial of the measures I am proposing, has to do with terminology and the concepts it signifies. We keep hearing that the enemy we are facing […]


RD interviews Jacqueline Bussie about her new book, Outlaw Christian: Finding Authentic Faith by Breaking the ‘Rules’.


The Missing Theologians by M. Craig Barnes. It was another dinner party, like all the rest, with a few close friends, an acquaintance or two, a host, and a candlelit meal seasoned with lots of small talk and laughter. But […]


Evangelicals Are Losing the Battle for the Bible. And They’re Just Fine with That. by Jim Hinch. Evangelical Christianity in America is in the midst of a wholesale generational, cultural, and doctrinal transformation. Confronted by a secularizing and diversifying society, […]


The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife by Ariel Sabar. A hotly contested, supposedly ancient manuscript suggests Christ was married. But believing its origin story requires a big leap of faith. More.

Codex Gigas

Did the Devil Really Write This Bible? by Candida Moss. What is the secret to the longevity and brilliance of the largest surviving medieval manuscript? Lucifer himself is said to have made it. More.


Intolerable Cruelty? How Evangelicals Are Rethinking the Doctrine of Hell by Mark Woods. See here.


Mormons Approaching Orthodoxy by Richard J. Mouw. At stake in this dispute is a choice between two approaches to Mormon teachings and practice. One is skeptical and presumes that Mormonism is a ­deeply heretical form of Christianity, so much so […]