Gary Gutting interviews Alvin Plantinga, an emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame.


Can An Atheist Really Get Dante? by Rod Dreher. See here.


When Atheists Are Angry at God by Joe Carter. I’ve shaken my fist in anger at stalled cars, storm clouds, and incompetent meterologists. I’ve even, on one terrible day that included a dead alternator, a blaring blaring tornado-warning siren, and […]


The Confidence of Jerry Coyne by Ross Douthat. One of the problems with belonging to a faction that’s convinced it’s on the winning side of intellectual history is that it becomes easy to persuade oneself that one’s own worldview has […]


Personal Meaning by Walter Russell Mead. Theists and atheists are different. While both groups think life means something, they understand that meaning in different ways. Read more.


A Year Without God: A Former Pastor’s Journey Into Atheism by Ryan J. Bell. See here.


An Atheist Meets the Masters of the Universe by Peter Foges. See here.


The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas by Issac Chotiner. With the Yuletide season upon us, America is once again engaged in the standard asinine debates about the holiday: Is Santa white? Is that decorated green perennial at the mall supposed to […]


What Hitchens Got Wrong: Abolishing Religion Won’t Fix Anything by Sean McElwee. Hitchens believed atheism would end world conflict. But the world’s wars are about politics, not religion. More at Salon.


TNR reviews Philosophical Religions from Plato to Spinoza: Reason, Religion, and Autonomy by Carlos Fraenkel.

Safe Zones

Atheists Launch ‘Secular Safe Zones’ On Campuses Nationwide by Samantha Watkins. Saying atheists are bullied and ridiculed, the Secular Student Alliance this fall launched a “Secular Safe Zones” program at campuses across the nation. “Every time the Pledge of Allegiance […]


No Faith in Science by Jerry A. Coyne. A common tactic of those who claim that science and religion are compatible is to argue that science, like religion, rests on faith: faith in the accuracy of what we observe, in […]


Ethical Questions Science Can’t Answer by Massimo Pigliucci. Yes, yes, we’ve covered this territory before. But you might have heard that Sam Harris has reopened the discussion by challenging his critics, luring them out of their hiding places with the […]


Northwest Christian University’s Student Body President Comes Out As Atheist by Kelsey Thalhofer. Eric Fromm has received a lot of hugs on campus lately — at least once a day since he “came out” as an atheist last week in […]


Surprise! Atheist Marriages May Last Longer Than Christian Ones by Valerie Tarico. Do atheists do it better? That is unlikely. Divorce rate differences between theists and nontheists tend to depend on how you slice the demographic pie, and for both […]


A conversation with Francis Spufford, author of Unapologetic. Francis Spufford’s books cover a wide variety of subjects, from polar exploration to his childhood reading to a blend of fiction and nonfiction about Soviet Russia in “Red Plenty,” which Dwight Garner […]


Atheists Aren’t Jerks by Brandon W. Peach. Discussion about beliefs is important, but it needs to come from a place of mutual respect. More at Relevant.


Secular Belief, Religious Belonging by Richard Madsen. A recent Gallup poll found that almost half of China’s people (47 percent) say that they are “convinced atheists”—the highest rate of atheism in the world. However, surveys conducted by Fenggang Yang and […]


Skeptics Wonder If Ex-Clergy Should Lead Atheist Movements by Ken Chitwood. By definition, skeptics are pretty skeptical. They question what they see as unfounded claims or dubious motivations, whatever the source. Now, they are questioning some of their own leaders. […]


The Rising Antiscience by Victor Stenger. New atheism refers to a set of ideas presented in a series of bestselling books that appeared between 2004 and 2007. Today it remains a strong but minority view among atheists. Basically, new atheists […]