Why Islam Is More Violent Than Christianity: An Atheist’s Guide by Robert Tracinski. As an atheist, I have no god in this fight, so to speak. I don’t think the differences between religions make one more valid than another. But […]


No, Astrobiology Has Not Made the Case for God by Lawrence M. Krauss. Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a piece with the surprising title “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.” At least it was surprising to me, because […]


Religion’s Smart-People Problem: The Shaky Intellectual Foundations of Absolute Faith by John G. Messerly. Religious belief the world over has a strenuous relationship with intellectualism. But why? More at More.


Divine Ingenuity and Divine Hiddenness by John T. Mullen. There has been a great deal written recently in philosophical literature about Divine Hiddenness (DH). Put most simply, DH is the undeniable but potentially troubling fact that the public evidence we […]


Are Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher Responsible for the Rise of the ‘Nones’? by Chris Stedman. The number of American “nones”—people who don’t claim a religious affiliation—has grown significantly in recent years. Why? Salon recently published an excerpt of sociologist […]


I Get It – You’re an Atheist. You Should Still Capitalize “God” by Richard (R.J.) Eskow. In a world wracked by war, climate change and economic inequality, this may seem a trivial point. In fact, it almost certainly is. And […]


Neil deGrasse Tyson: Troll of the Year by Carl M. Cannon. The “War on Christmas” was muted this year, perhaps because so much actual armed conflict is happening around the world, but there were a few skirmishes. Under the heading […]


The Rise of the “Nones” by Phil Zuckerman. Scott Renfro headed off to Iraq a Bible-believing Christian. Raised as a good Southern Baptist in eastern Texas, the son of a county sheriff and a school librarian, he rested deeply in […]


The Origins of Aggressive Atheism by Emma Green. Non-believers are often marginalized in the U.S., which has led to a lot of resentment among their ranks. But don’t be deceived: For most Americans, lack of religion usually comes with a […]


How a French Atheist Becomes a Theologian by Guillaume Bignon. If French atheists rarely become evangelical Christians, how much rarer it is for one to become an evangelical Christian theologian. So what happened? One might argue that with 66 million […]


Why Are Millennials Unfriending Organized Religion? by Vlad Chituc. On April 8, 1966, Time magazine’s now-iconic front cover asked in stark red font over a simple black background, “Is God Dead?” Though reactions focused more on the cover than the […]


Freethinkers, Reason, and Religion by Michael W. Austin. Fellow PT blogger Marty Nemko’s recent post, “Are you a freethinker?” reminded me of the following tweet that showed up in my timeline a while back: “As soon as someone tells me–straight-faced–they […]


The Economist: Cracks in the Atheist Edifice The coastal city of Wenzhou is sometimes called China’s Jerusalem. Ringed by mountains and far from the capital, Beijing, it has long been a haven for a religion that China’s Communist leaders view […]


eSkeptic reviews Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion by Sam Harris. Related: You can read an excerpt here.


Atheists in Foxholes: The Military Chaplaincy’s Humanist Problem by Ronit Y. Stahl. Do American military chaplains need to believe in God? Or, as the Navy Times once asked, “Who supports the atheists in the military?” These questions attracted renewed attention […]


A New Kinder, Gentler Atheism by David Skeel. Searching for the meaning and consolation offered by religion—but without bringing God into it. More.


Irrational Atheism by Crispin Sartwell. Religious beliefs are remarkably various. But sometimes it can seem that there is only one way to be an atheist: asserting, on the basis of reasoned argument, that belief in God is irrational. The aging […]


Thomas Aquinas’s Proof of God by Robert Barron. One of the unintended but happy consequences of the emergence of the new atheism is a renewed interest in the classical arguments for God’s existence. Eager to defend the faith that is […]


Atheists Show Their Sexist Side by Katha Pollitt. Here’s a great way to make a movement: have your most famous and powerful public figures obsess over Henry Higgins’s famous question, “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” Why […]


The Health Effects of Leaving Religion by Jon Fortenbury. How a loss of faith can manifest itself in the mind and body. More at Atlantic.