John Gray reviews The Age of Nothing: How We Sought to Live Since the Death of God by Peter Watson, and Culture and the Death of God by Terry Eagleton.


Molly Worthen reviews The Twilight of the American Enlightenment: The 1950s and the Crisis of Liberal Belief by George M. Marsden.


The Intellectual Snobbery of Conspicuous Atheism by Emma Green. Atheism is intellectually fashionable. In the past month, The New York Times has run several stories about lack of faith in its series on religion. The New Yorker ran an article […]


How to Live in a (Supposedly) Secular Age by Peter Berger. The relation between modernity and faith is often perceived and presented as an epic struggle. But it’s actually not that difficult to be a modern person and hold on […]


Our Secular Future by R. R. Reno. Americans are rightly proud of our tradition of religious liberty. The founders recognized that religious convictions cut very deeply into the soul, making people capable of great sacrifices—and often stimulating bitter conflicts and […]


Why Hollywood Thinks Atheism Is Bad for Business by Lawrence Krauss. After Matthew McConaughey took the stage to accept his Best Actor award at the Oscars on Sunday, he began his acceptance speech by thanking God, praising the deity for […]


Michael Dirda reviews The Age of Atheists: How We Have Sought to Live Since the Death of God by Peter Watson. Salon provides an excerpt here. You can browse inside the book here.


Charles C. W. Cooke: Are Atheism and Conservatism Compatible? It’s Not So Simple by Mike D’Virgilio. A day or so after I’d written a piece about the implication of atheism for society in Dostoevsky’s work, Charles C. W. Cooke wrote […]


Jonathan Rée reviews Culture and the Death of God by Terry Eagleton.


Faithless: The Politics of New Atheism by Steven Kettell. The emergence of ‘new atheism’ during the course of the last decade helped fuel an upsurge of interest in issues around religion. But scholarly analysis of new atheism, particularly its political […]


From the Editors at The Immanent Frame: The Charter of Quebec Values On November 7th, 2013, on the heels of a heated public debate about the role of religion in public life, the government of Quebec tabled its controversial Bill […]


Abraham Lincoln, None? by Mark Movsesian. Today is Presidents Day in the United States, a national holiday. Actually, that’s not quite right. Officially, the federal holiday is still called Washington’s Birthday, and that’s the official name here in New York, […]

Dworkin II

The Nation reviews Religion Without God by Ronald Dworkin. Related: Previous review linked here, and excerpt linked here.


Bigger Than Phil by Adam Gopnik. In Tom Stoppard’s 1970 play “Jumpers,” the philosopher hero broods unhappily on the inexorable rise of the atheist: “The tide is running his way, and it is a tide which has turned only once […]


Gary Gutting interviews Alvin Plantinga, an emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame.


Can An Atheist Really Get Dante? by Rod Dreher. See here.


When Atheists Are Angry at God by Joe Carter. I’ve shaken my fist in anger at stalled cars, storm clouds, and incompetent meterologists. I’ve even, on one terrible day that included a dead alternator, a blaring blaring tornado-warning siren, and […]


The Confidence of Jerry Coyne by Ross Douthat. One of the problems with belonging to a faction that’s convinced it’s on the winning side of intellectual history is that it becomes easy to persuade oneself that one’s own worldview has […]


Personal Meaning by Walter Russell Mead. Theists and atheists are different. While both groups think life means something, they understand that meaning in different ways. Read more.


A Year Without God: A Former Pastor’s Journey Into Atheism by Ryan J. Bell. See here.