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Reason on “Why Obama should reaffirm the importance of our relationship with Israel.”

Rob Bell

Michael Paulson (Articles of Faith) interviews Mars Hill Bible Church pastor Rob Bell.

Head Injuries

Vox Day (no relation) links to this GQ story on head injuries and the NFL, and makes some interesting side points.

Easy Riding

GQ on how to ride a motorcycle. Here’s a couple pics of me on my Nighthawk.

Bay Area

A zeppelin adventure over the San Francisco Bay Area.


P.J. O’Rourke on Woodstock at 40 here.

The Golden State

Instapundit links this story of on-duty police officers getting caught running red lights in non-emergency situations. The interesting part, for us out here in California, was the following: At least four Oak Ridge police officers have been caught speeding by […]

Mixed Signals

Psychology Today on “mixed signals,” how we see ourselves versus how others see us. “I’ll be there at 2 p.m. sharp,” Kirsten assures me as we set up our next research meeting. I make note of it in my calendar—but […]

Robert Parker

As someone no longer working in the wine industry, but still interested in all things grape, I missed the latest brouhaha concerning wine critic Robert Parker. Unless you spend a lot of time in wine chat rooms, you may have […]

Me Me Me

Michael Gerson on Obama’s UN speech. I’ve refrained from commenting on President Obama’s address to the United Nations General Assembly because the speech made me angry. And most postings — or letters, or e-mails — written while angry are better […]

Nones II

A few days ago I mentioned the “nones.” Now, Dan Gilgoff (God & Country) describes four ways the ‘nones’ will alter national politics.


The Moral Witness of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in the latest issue of First Things.