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A God Who Hates

Forbes reviews A God Who Hates by Wafa Sultan. Wafa Sultan’s new book A God Who Hates, her first in English, is more subtle than the title suggests. That probably doesn’t make her any safer. The recipient of daily death […]

Student Activity Fees

Alliance Defense Fund Center for Academic Freedom takes on mandatory student activity fees at the University of Wisconsin. For at least the last 22 years, UW-Madison has been requiring each and every student to pay large sums of money to […]

Integrity and Fragmentation

Integrity and Fragmentation. The virtue of integrity does not appear explicitly in either the Aristotelian or the Judaeo-Christian list of virtues, but elements of both ethical systems implicitly acknowledge the importance of a unified and integrated life. This paper argues […]

Two Parent Families

The case for two parent families. Conventional wisdom holds that two parents are better than one. Scientists are now finding that growing up without a father actually changes the way your brain develops. German biologist Anna Katharina Braun and others […]

Atheistic Intolerance

As I note at the main site, the “two biggest challenges that face Christianity today are atheism and Islam.” Neither one of these worldviews accept a “live and let live” philosophy, regardless of what their adherents might claim. Please note […]

Natural Theology

You can read the Introduction of In Defense of Natural Theology, edited by James F. Sennett and Douglas Groothuis, here. (pdf)