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Duke 88

Power Line on What ever happened to the “Duke 88”? The “Duke 88” consisted of 88 Duke professors who signed an ad which implicitly assumed that Duke lacrosse players raped a black stripper, an allegation that proved to be entirely […]


Steven Greenhut, author of the new book Plunder! How Public Employee Unions Are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives And Bankrupting The Nation, has a column on the plundering of California.

Grace Kelly

The New Yorker profiles Grace Kelly.

I Drink

A review of Roger Scruton’s I Drink Therefore I Am: A Philosopher’s Guide to Wine.


Slate‘s most popular articles of 2009.


New Research: Why Never Spanking Might Be Worse for Kids Than Spanking Them.

Lost Loves

A couple weeks ago I heard a news report that social network site Facebook now surfaces as a key factor in about 20% of divorce cases. This Psychology Today article explains how to effectively deal with the return of “lost […]

Religion at Decade’s End

Religion Dispatches on Religion at Decade’s End. This time around, there‚Äôs no escaping the fact that our collective feet are now planted firmly in the twenty-first century. And it is worth reflecting on what this dawning perspective (of seeing ourselves […]