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A good reason to boycott Facebook. Funny, they have no problem with this page.

The Line II

Andrew McCarthy makes the same point (as I do in my previous post) in an interview about his new book.

The Line

The line has been drawn in the West between Israel and Muslim jihadists. Unfortunately, the Western press (and our liberal brethren) are aligned with the jihadists. If this doesn’t change, it will be the end of Western civilization. Today’s incident […]

French Lessons

French Lessons in Londonistan by Gilles Kepel. Muslims have been landing on the shores of Britain and France for decades. And, as these populations arrived and settled in the Republic, Paris pursued a policy it believed would eventually lead immigrants […]


Joe McGinniss “offended” by the Palins.


Joseph H. Hellerman answers the question, “What would the church look like if it put we before me?”


Vox Day takes on PZ Myers.


Terry Michael: In Defense of Libertarianism. To my left-liberal Democrat friends: As you engage in intellectual dishonesty using Rand Paul’s silly comments on the 1964 Civil Rights Act to misrepresent libertarianism, perhaps you might want to consider a little history […]

Evolution and Religion

Francisco Ayala: Evolution can be Religion’s Friend. Can one believe in evolution and God? Some people of faith and some scientists agree: “No.” They are wrong. The theory of evolution says that organisms are related by descent from common ancestors. […]

Go Green

John Stossel, “separating environmental fact from fiction.” I ride my bike to work. It seems so pure. We’re constantly urged to “go green”—use less energy, shrink our carbon footprint, save the Earth. How? We should drive less, use ethanol, recycle […]

Ignore Theology?

Can Atheists Simply Ignore Theology? by Eric Reitan. The task of deciding which worldview to embrace—and hence whether or not we should believe in some kind of transcendent reality or God—is an enormously challenging task that cannot be answered through […]

Moderate Islam

FrontPage Magazine has a symposium on whether or not there is such a thing as “moderate” Islam.

Ground Zero Mosque

Is the founder of the Ground Zero mosque, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, telling us the truth about his political/religious views? On May 25, 2010, Abdul Rauf wrote an article for the New York Daily News insisting: My colleagues and I […]

The Failure

Peter Beinart: The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment. See here. Noah Pollak responds. (h/t The Volokh Conspiracy)

40 Questions

Read an excerpt from 40 Questions About Interpreting The Bible by Robert L. Plummer.

Never Enough

Here’s a review of Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State, by William Voegeli.

Science and Religion II

Science and Religion: A New Introduction, 2nd Edition, by Alister E. McGrath. Read an excerpt here. (pdf)


The Chronicle Review profiles Tariq Ramadan.

The Upper House

Here’s an excerpt of The Upper House by Terence Samuel. They come to Washington for varied and complex reasons—driven perhaps by some deep emotional commitment to an issue, or believing that their time in Congress can make their dream of […]

Einstein’s God II

Killing the Buddha reviews Einstein’s God: Conversations about Science and the Human Spirit by Krista Tippett. A previous review is here.