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Oklahoma Amendment

From the Center for Security Policy: Criticism of the Oklahoma Amendment banning Shariah from State Courts: Legitimate or ill-considered? See here.

Like France

How Pakistan is Like France—1792 by Apoorva Shah. Pakistani society is in crisis. But trying to understand the roots of this crisis all too often feels like a futile endeavour. After all, there’s no shortage of explanations for why the […]

A Note

Vox Day receives a note from a former atheist.

Sacred Economy

Gary Laderman: The Economy is Sacred, Stupid. According to early reports, Black Friday, the annual start of the holiday shopping season, was only modestly better than last year. Many are hopeful that today, Cyber Monday, will offer a more reassuring […]

Disinviting Islam

Lydia McGrew: Disinviting Islam: Part I–The Need. This post inaugurates a series co-written with my colleague Jeff Culbreath on the topic of disinviting Islam. Each individual post will be written by one of us, allowing us each the freedom to […]

The Lunatic

The Lunatic Who Thinks He’s Barack Obama by Spengler. Napoleon was a lunatic who thought he was Napoleon, and the joke applies to the 44th United States president with a vengeance. What doesn’t the president know, and when didn’t he […]

A Secular Age II

Here’s a second review of Varieties of Secularism in a Secular Age. (First review linked here.)


Will The Light Bulb Ban Inspire A Conversion? Dennis Miller, who quipped on his radio show about dreaded CFLs, the most ballyhooed replacement for incandescents, ” I don’t care what my electric bill is. I haven’t worked my entire life […]

The Fight

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff fights for freedom of speech in Europe. I stand here before you in the city of Copenhagen in the year 2010. This is widely considered to be an enlightened country in the heart of an enlightened continent. Our […]

Happily Ever After

Alisa Bowman: What the Biggest Loser Taught Me About Marriage. See here.

Force for Good?

Here’s the full transcript of the recent debate between Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair on whether or not religion is a force for good in the world.

Class Warfare

Henry Oliner: The Immorality of Class Warfare. See here.

The Original

The Original Hammering Hank by David G. Dalin. When he died in 1986 at the age of 75, Hank Greenberg was widely acknowledged to have been the greatest Jewish player in the history of baseball. His achievements were beyond merely […]

Job Killer

Larry Elder: President Barack Obama: Job Killer. President Barack Obama walked into the Oval Office in January 2009 during a severe economic downturn led by a meltdown in housing prices — and promptly made things worse. By bailing out banks, […]

Act of Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day: Savoring Life As an Act of Gratitude To God. Gratitude is hot these days. That’s true in both the secular and religious worlds. A friend who is a psychologist (no, not my therapist) recently told me that the […]

Thanking the Puritans

An excellent column, Thanking the Puritans on Thanksgiving, by Peter Lawler. There’s little less fashionable today than praising the Puritans, especially for their egalitarian political idealism, their promotion of genuinely humane and liberating learning, and their capacity for enjoyment and […]

Blue-Collar Crush

A nice story on Livermore wineries.

In Defense

Patrick J. Deneen: In Defense of Culture. The political philosophy as a whole that has effected this destruction of culture is the dominant school of thought – and life – of the modern period, namely liberalism. Liberalism, in its many […]


Here’s three papers presented at the session on Blogging and Online Publishing at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). Michael Barber. Chris Brady. James Davila.


Stan Guthrie: The Blessing of Gratitude. If the history of humanity reveals anything, it is that we are dependent creatures. We depend on the rain falling, the sun shining, the doctor curing, the asteroid missing. And in our best moments, […]