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In Schwarzenegger’s recent appearance on the Jay Leno Show, he made the statement that California’s economic salvation rested on “green” jobs, just as this author states: Listening to outgoing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and incoming Gov. Jerry Brown, Californians might think […]

Pension Bombs

Teacher Pension Bombs. California taxpayers have almost become immune to stories about the high cost of generous defined-benefit pensions, employer-subsidized healthcare plans, job protections and degree- and seniority-based pay scales struck by the state, school districts, and affiliates of the […]

Media Bias

WSJ: “News” Media Aid Democrats’ Tea Party Trashing. See here.

A Bad Week

Watts Up With That? A bad news week for AGW proponents. See here.

Religious Liberty

Allen D. Hertzke: The Supreme Court and Religious Liberty. As the Supreme Court enters its new session this month, no issue looms as large as religious liberty in America. At the end of its last session, the Court, in an […]

Two Europes

George Weigel: A Tale of Two Europes. November 9 marked the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Yet if the open-borders Europe of the Schengen agreement is no longer divided by concrete walls, barbed-wire fences, and sandy […]


If Democrats know what’s good for them, if they really care about connecting to the beleaguered middle class, they ought to react with strength and clarity to the embarrassing new report that federal workers’ pay is soaring. Otherwise, they cede […]

Saving God

R.R. Reno reviews Saving God: Religion after Idolatry by Mark Johnston. Past ages have accepted the preeminent power of faith, and argued over what to believe, not over whether to believe. We tend to wonder whether the passion of belief […]