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Unintelligence Report

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Unintelligence Report by Pamela Geller. See here.

Fractured Movement

Timothy Beal: Among the Evangelicals. In December 2003, at a national conference on religion and undergraduate life in New Orleans, a representative of a major donor to higher education asked how many of the hundred-plus professors and administrators in his […]


Eight Botched Environmental Forecasts by Maxim Lott. See here.


Latest CT cover story, Chasing Methuselah.


S.E. Cupp: The Arrogance of the Atheists. Back in college, while I was busy pretending that a blottoed discussion of Nietzsche over $1 beers made me an intellectual giant, my fiftysomething father, who’d worked so hard to send me there, […]


Lars Hvidberg & Jacob Mchangama: Still Rotten. Five years after the infamous “cartoon crisis,” many Danes still seem confused about what constitutes free speech and why it is important to defend. The Danish public is tired of discussing the case, […]

More Money

Even though California college students are reeling from fast-climbing tuition rates, the highest-paid UC execs demand even more benefits. Three dozen of the University of California’s highest-paid executives are threatening to sue unless UC agrees to spend tens of millions […]

Social Construct?

Marriage: Merely a Social Construct? by Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George. See here.

The Slipperiness of Empiricism

Not surprisingly (since it involves human thought and action), the scientific method is not turning out to be as reliable as most people, especially atheists, think it is. In the late nineteen-nineties, John Crabbe, a neuroscientist at the Oregon Health […]


Catastrophic Success. Once upon a time, there was success and there was failure, and one could usually tell the difference between them—the first had a thousand fathers and the second was an orphan—but those days are over: The Democrats of […]

Getting Started

Colin Wells: How Did God Get Started? See here.


The Trouble With Liberty. Libertarianism is a long, clunky word for a simple, elegant idea: that government should do as little as possible. In Libertarianism: A Primer, Cato Institute executive vice president David Boaz defines it as “the view that […]

A Myth? III

James Hannam: Is Jesus Christ a Myth? Part 3 here.

Top Movies

Newsweek‘s David Ansen names his top ten movies for 2010. Here’s what he wrote about The Fighter, which I saw on Christmas Eve. (Christian Bale deserves an Oscar!) David O. Russell’s live-wire account of welterweight Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), the […]

True Grit

Last night I watched the 1969 movie True Grit in preparation for watching the new version by the Coen brothers. Here’s an interview with Joel and Ethan, talking about their new movie.

The West Rules

The Daily Beast reviews Why the West Rules—For Now by Ian Morris. The Economist also reviews the book. John Gray calls the book a myth. You can read an excerpt here.


The Digital Story of the Nativity here.

Clash of Cultures

Apple v Google. See here.

Merry Christmas

Simple Act

A simple act, a beautiful story.