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Adam and Eve

Peter Enns reviews Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? Who They Were and Why You Should Care by C. John Collins.


Unaccountable Killing Machines: The True Cost of U.S. Drones by Joshua Foust. Officials often portray the global expansion of deadly drone strikes as an unequivocal success. But are we really accounting for all the consequences? More at The Atlantic.


2012 Christianity Today Book Awards. See here.


The Boundaries of Justice by Amartya Sen. David Hume was born three hundred years ago, in 1711. The world has changed radically since his time, and yet many of his ideas and admonitions remain deeply relevant, though rather neglected, in […]


Apocalypse Soon by Daniel Baird. See here.


Here’s an excerpt from Ten Universal Principles: A Brief Philosophy of the Life Issues by Robert Spitzer.


Has the Fed Been a Failure? by George A. Selgin, William D. Lastrapes and Lawrence H. White. As the one-hundredth anniversary of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act approaches, we assess whether the nation’s experiment with the Federal Reserve has been […]


South Toward Home by Rod Dreher. So we are moving to St. Francisville at the end of the year. If you had said to me two weeks ago that I would be writing that sentence, I would have thought you […]

Green Philosophy

Here’s a review of Green Philosophy: How to Think Seriously About the Planet by Roger Scruton.


Voters Want Growth, Not Income Redistribution by Michael Barone. “A 2008 election widely regarded as heralding a shift toward the more government-friendly public sentiment of the New Deal and Great Society eras seems to have yielded just the reverse.”So writes […]

Silenced II

CT reviews Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide by Paul Marshall and Nina Shea. (See previous links about the book here.)

Boko Haram

The Rise of Boko Haram by David Francis. On Christmas day, a bomb was detonated at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church on the outskirts of the Nigerian capital, Abuja, killing at least 35. Two other bombs exploded at Christmas ceremonies across […]

Old Principles?

New Ideas or Fidelity to Old Principles? by David Harsanyi. If you’ve been watching cable television regularly, you’ve heard from many analysts who know Newt Gingrich personally. They either call him the smartest man in the room or they tell […]


Steven Hayward has an excellent post at Power Line, Obama and the F-Word. One of my holiday projects is to finish my rereading of the complete corpus of Whittaker Chambers (with a retrospective essay on his overlooked theological interests to […]


The Roots of Liberalism and Conservatism by Paul Shlichta. Conservative writers sometimes complain about the obstinacy of liberals — how they persist in their beliefs despite the flagrant misdeeds of their politicians and the collapse of welfare states, as is […]


Belief is Not Evidence by Joachim Krueger. Not enough evidence, god, not enough evidence ~ What Bertrand Russell said he would tell god if asked why he didn’t believe in him. What has contemporary cognitive psychology done to religion? It […]


Margaret Wente: God’s Far From Dead in the Global South. What’s the fastest-growing religion in the world today? It’s Christianity. You can be excused if you guessed wrong. For the past decade, the Western world’s attention has been transfixed by […]


And so the makeover continues. . . Egypt’s two leading Islamist parties won about two-thirds of votes for party lists in the second round of polling for a parliament that will help draft a new constitution after decades of autocratic […]

Silent Night

Silent Night by Mark Steyn. On this Christmas Eve, one of the great unreported stories throughout what we used to call Christendom is the persecution of Christians around the world. In Egypt, the “Arab Spring” is going so swimmingly that […]


State Department ‘Panders’ to Islamists on Free Speech. The Obama administration is drawing fire for yielding what critics see as a huge propaganda victory to Islamist regimes seeking to curb American speech deemed “offensive” to Muslims. More at IPT.