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You can browse inside Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV by Ben Shapiro here.


Donald J Boudreaux: More Weather Deaths? Wanna Bet? Writing recently in the Washington Post, environmental guru Bill McKibben asserted that the number and severity of recent weather events, such as the tornado in Joplin, Mo., are too great not to […]

Irrational Beliefs

Rusty Pritchard: Scientific Conspiracy Theories: A Veneer for Irrational Beliefs. See here.

Gone Fishing

I’ll be gone for the rest of the Memorial Day weekend, and will return to posting on Tuesday.

Facing Insolvency

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse. Delivery of first-class mail is falling at a staggering rate. Facing insolvency, can the USPS reinvent itself like European services have—or will it implode? Read the complete article here.


Warren Cole Smith: A Vote for Romney Is a Vote for the LDS Church. See here. Joanna Brooks has a conversation with Smith about his article.

Thinking Theologically

Kevin DeYoung: Thinking Theologically About Memorial Day. See here.

Third Man

Elliott Abrams: The Third Man. The week of dueling speeches by President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu was great political drama, but a key character was missing from the scene: Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas. While Abbas was absent, it […]

The Tree

Kurt Loder: The Tree of Life. Terence Malick’s latest—arriving a relatively snappy six years after his last picture—is a movie about first things: the meaning of existence, the ways of God, the bewildering sorrows of the human condition. The Tree […]


David Lose: Has Atheism Become a Religion? See here.

Speech Crisis

Yale, the Department of Education, and the Looming Free Speech Crisis by Greg Lukianoff. Yale University’s recent decision to punish a fraternity that made pledges chant offensive slogans was heralded by some as a blow against sexual harassment. But it […]


Inside Higher Ed: Intervention From On High. When two faculty members disagree about issues related to research, is it right for an administrator to intervene? A faculty committee at the University of California at San Diego examined that question in […]

The Dreamer

Walter Russell Mead: The Dreamer Goes Down For The Count. I had never thought there were many similarities between the pleasure-loving Charles II of England and the more upright Barack Obama until this week. Listening to his speeches on the […]

Islamic State

Muslim Brotherhood Aims for Islamic Egyptian State by Gavriel Queenann. The Muslim Brotherhood will impose Islamic Sharia Law in Egypt if it comes to power, according to the movement’s Sobhi Saleh, the Egyptian Arabic daily Al Masry Al Youm reports. […]

No College

Thiel Fellowship Pays 24 Talented Students $100,000 Not to Attend College. The winners were announced today for a new fellowship that has sparked heated debate in academic circles for questioning the value of higher education and suggesting that some entrepreneurial […]

Best Sex

Atheists Have Best Sex Lives, Claims Psychologist. See here. GetReligion weighs-in on the article here. Related: An interview with Mark Regnerus about his latest book, Premarital Sex in America.

Not One

Books & Culture reviews God Is Not One by Stephen Prothero.

No Surprise

This is a surprise? It’s no secret that members of Congress qualify as political insiders, but a new report strongly suggests that they also may be insiders when it comes to trading stocks. An extensive study released Wednesday in the […]


Wilfred M. McClay: The Moral Economy of Guilt. In his grand and gloomy book Civilization and Its Discontents, Sigmund Freud identified the tenacious sense of guilt as “the most important problem in the development of civilization.” In fact, he continued, […]


The New York Review of Books reviews two books about Eleanor Roosevelt.