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Anthony Davies of Duquesne University makes some interesting observations (pdf) about political giving. The highlights: Labor unions have given twice as much money to politicians as the Telecommunications, Insurance, Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, and Real Estate industries combined. Labor unions and lawyers […]


The Obama Administration Opens Formal Contacts With the Muslim Brotherhood by Andrew C. McCarthy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Besides explaining what the Muslim Brotherhood is and has always been, the major point of The Grand Jihad: How Islam […]


The Religious Fanaticism of Bill Maher by David Cohen. I saw a clip the other day of Bill Maher casually referring to Republicans as “a**holes.” That’s hardly news, and is in fact typical of the discourse-poisoning invective that caused Maher […]


“What does the best-seller list say about American culture?” See here.


Tom Bethell: The Decline of Faith. Time recently published a cover story, “Is Hell Dead?” about a “rogue pastor” called Rob Bell in Michigan. We don’t know for sure that anyone is in hell, he argues. Maybe, but fantasizing free […]


Walter Russell Mead: The Failure of Al Gore: Part Deux. That Al Gore’s definitive statement on the crisis of the climate change movement appeared in the back pages of Rolling Stone magazine rather than in a more prominent and prestigious […]

Career Move

Is Obama Making His Next Career Move? by James Lewis. See here.


How to Destroy a Culture in 5 Easy Steps by Joe Carter. See here.


Scientist-Politician-Atheist Offers Own Money For Origin of Life Prize by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee. A millionaire scientist who once ran as a Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate has just launched a $50,000 prize to promote research on the origin of life. […]


Appeasing Jihadists by Bruce Thornton. A policy of guilt and flattery will not temper terrorists. Read article here.

Holy War

Rolling Stone: Michele Bachmann’s Holy War. See here. GetReligion: Rolling Stone’s Holy War Against Bachmann. See here.


WSJ: The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think. See here.


Religious Liberty and Development of Doctrine in Islam by Michael Novak. By the year 2020, rough and painful human experience will lead the Islamic nations of the Mediterranean Basin to resound with positive cries for democracy, human rights, individual liberty, […]

A Beef

The Economist: The Difference Engine: The Beef About Corn. In a surprise U-turn, members of the United States Senate voted 73-27 last week to abolish a 45-cents-a-gallon subsidy for ethanol from corn (ie, maize) that is used for blending with […]


The NYT profile of Andrew Breitbart.

Commanding Heights

The New Commanding Heights by Arnold Kling and Nick Schulz. Manufacturing, energy, and transportation have long been considered the dominant sectors of most modern economies. But when it comes to both consumption and employment, America’s economy today is increasingly dominated […]

Code Delusion

Here’s three essays (so far) by Steve Talbott explaining the significance of a revolution in genetics and molecular biology. Getting Over the Code Delusion. When it emerged a few years ago that humans and chimpanzees shared, by some measures, 98 […]

Sex Test

The Sex Test, Abortion, and the War Against Girls by Timothy Dalrymple. It is one of the cruelest ironies of the modern abortion movement that while the movement advanced under the banner of women’s rights, it is unborn girls, in […]


When Democracy and Austerity Collide by Heather Conley. For the past several weeks, large-scale and at times violent demonstrations and strikes have erupted in Greece and Spain, fueled by unemployed youth (which in Greece stand at 36 percent and in […]

Gone Fishing

I’ll be heading up to wine country (Healdsburg) until Sunday, and most likely won’t resume posting until Monday. Happy Birthday to me!