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Lawrence Solomon: A Tea Party Budget. Democrats like President Barack Obama want to restrain the U.S. government’s debt by increasing the debt ceiling, increasing government debt, increasing government spending, and increasing the government’s level of taxation. The improbable Democratic strategy: […]

Barack Obluffer

Mark Steyn: No Bargaining with Barack Obluffer. There is something surreal and unnerving about the so-called “debt ceiling” negotiations staggering on in Washington. In the real world, negotiations on an increase in one’s debt limit are conducted between the borrower […]


Collusion Tests People’s Resolve. The road to Egypt’s parliamentary elections is proving to be a treacherous one, fraught with challenges ranging from rising public dismay at the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to fear of a sweeping […]


Heather Mac Donald: Less Academics, More Narcissism. The University of California is cutting back on many things, but not useless diversity programs. Read article here.

No Peace

A good Readers’ Forum letter today in my local paper. It looks as if a modicum of sanity, for once, will prevail in the Middle East. There will be no propaganda flotilla this year. There will be no Western leftists […]