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A Tradition of Choking Under Pressure in Sports by Tom Jacobs. Data from major soccer tournaments suggest a sports team’s history of failure can impact the performance of players — even those who didn’t participate in the futile earlier effort. […]


Here’s a review of The Myth of American Religious Freedom by David Sehat. Sehat writes a column about the book for HuffPo here.

Unemployment Insurance

Failures of the Unemployment Insurance System by Chris Edwards and George Leef. The Social Security Act of 1935 established the federal-state unemployment insurance (UI) system, which pays benefits to workers who are laid off. Basic UI benefits are funded by […]


Clean-Energy Credits Tarnished. Critics have long questioned the usefulness of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which was established under the Kyoto Protocol. It allows rich countries to offset some of their carbon emissions by investing in climate-friendly projects, such as […]

In Defense

In Defense of Capital Punishment by Edward Feser. If one accepts the legitimacy of punishment and the principle of proportionality, then it is impossible to claim that capital punishment is intrinsically wrong. More at PD.

Half Baked

Heather Mac Donald: Half Baked. Tuesday’s now infamous affirmative-action bake sale at the University of California at Berkeley is unlikely to dissuade Governor Jerry Brown from signing a bill that would reintroduce race and gender preferences into the state’s public […]

Greatest Day

Some people are saying that yesterday was “baseball’s greatest day ever.”


Mobbing for Preferences by Peter Wood. See here.


Libertarians With Antlers by John Whitfield. Charles Darwin, not Adam Smith, will one day be considered the father of economics, says Cornell University professor and New York Times columnist Robert H. Frank in his new book, The Darwin Economy. He […]

Religious Roots

Read a lengthy excerpt from Why We Should Call Ourselves Christians: The Religious Roots of Free Societies by Marcello Pera.


How Gratitude Influences Loving Behavior by Jeremy Nicholson. Overall, gratitude has two powerful influences on positive relationship behavior. When we express gratitude to a partner, we increase the chances that they will behave well towards us in the future. When […]

Russell and Huxley

The Atheism of Bertrand Russell and Julian Huxley by Robert Graves. (The New Republic, April 28, 1958) Bertrand Russell spent the first thirty years of his life as a subject of Queen Victoria, in an era of profuse material prosperity, […]


A Questionable Form of Freedom for North Africa by Clemens Höges and Thilo Thielke. The autocrats are gone, but who will inherit power in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt? Islamist influence is significant across the region and conservative political groups are […]

Higher Education

Online Higher Ed Poised to Break Out? by Duke Cheston. Online higher education has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last decade and a half, leading some to speculate that it will totally revolutionize higher education. However, so […]


John Stossel: Governments Don’t Create Prosperity. Politicians say they create jobs, but they really don’t. Or rather, they rarely create productive jobs. Government has no money of its own. All it does is take resources from one group and give […]

The Clutch

Dedicated to the best game ever invented. Within the Clutch by Elizabeth Scalia. The clutch makes us hold our breath in the name of love. It is the biopsy report we are waiting to hear about on our husband; it […]


The Resignation of Wadah Khanfar and the Future of Al Jazeera by Philip Seib. Speculation is swirling as to why Wadah Khanfar, the director general of the Arab world’s most powerful satellite news broadcaster, resigned his post last week. But […]


Two from Reason. Elizabeth Warren’s Voodoo Economics here. Unions: The Cause of Michigan’s Malaise here.


Dennis Prager: The Palestinians Want Peace — Just Not With a Jewish State. The Palestinian position is that there is a religion called Judaism, but there is no such thing as a Jewish people. (Interestingly, the Jews are referred to […]

Assault III

The Claremont Review of Books reviews The Conservative Assault on the Constitution by Erwin Chemerinsky. (Previous reviews linked here and here.)