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Steve Jobs on children: “It’s your heart running around outside your body.”


Franky Schaeffer Derides Christianity as “Stupid” by Kristin Rudolph. Once a self-identified founding member of the American “religious right,” Franky Schaeffer now says that “religion is dumb” and “man made.” Although Schaeffer grew up among some of the most influential […]


Myles Allen: Al Gore is doing a disservice to science by overplaying the link between climate change and weather. To claim that we are causing meteorological events that would not have occurred without human influence is just plain wrong. More.


Praveen Swami: God’s Soldiers: Pakistan Army’s Ideology. In the autumn of 2002, at the end of a murderous 10-month stand-off with India provoked by the Jaish-e-Muhammad’s attack on the Parliament House in New Delhi, a small group of mid-level Pakistan […]


The 10-Year Tragedy by Michael Hirsh. America launched its 9/11 counterattack in Afghanistan 10 years ago Oct. 7, and routed the Taliban in less than eight weeks. That’s when things began to go wrong. More here.