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Greg Carey: Paul Did Not ‘Invent’ Christianity. It’s not rare to encounter people who claim that Paul “invented” Christianity. The basic idea is that Jesus taught a pure and ethical form of Judaism that focused on God and gracious living, […]

No Surrender

Let’s Not Surrender Science to the Secular World! by Mark H. Mann. I recently read with great interest and sympathy a NY Times Op Ed piece by Karl Giberson and Randall Stephens on “The Evangelical Rejection of Reason.” I say […]


Here’s a slightly revised excerpt from the Introduction to Secularism and Religion-Making, edited by Markus Dressler and Arvind Mandair. Following a critical analysis of different theoretical approaches to the question of secularism in current scholarship, and a critique of the […]


Salon provides an adaptation of the Introduction to The Collapse of American Criminal Justice by William J. Stuntz.

The American Idea

Paul Ryan: ‘Saving the American Idea: Rejecting Fear, Envy and the Politics of Division.’ See here.

Big Mess

The Little State With a Big Mess. After decades of drift, denial and inaction, Rhode Island’s $14.8 billion pension system is in crisis. Ten cents of every state tax dollar now goes to retired public workers. Before long, Ms. Raimondo […]