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Straw Men

James Taylor: The Death Of Global Warming Skepticism, Or The Birth Of Straw Men? The mainstream media has been spiking the football in the proverbial end zone ever since a paper released last Friday claimed two-thirds of global temperature stations […]


The Young Christian’s Guide to Sex at Seminary by Timothy Dalrymple. See here.

Secular World

Karl Giberson: Why Christians Need a Secular World. See here.


Bill Niskanen, Trinitarian by Jeremy Lott. Taken as a whole, Reflections of a Political Economist is a fine collection of essays. But if you want to get an idea of the esteem William “Bill” Niskanen was held in at the […]


The Scrolls as a Start, Not an End by Edward Rothstein. Before their discovery, the earliest known texts of the Hebrew Bible were from about 1,000 years after these scrolls were written. In the caves were over 800 scrolls and […]