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The Genetics of Same-Sex Attraction by Stanton L. Jones. So in plain English, the best contemporary scientific findings are that when one identical twin brother is gay, the probabilities of the second twin being gay are approximately 10%. This suggests […]

Righteous Mind

Here’s an excerpt from The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt. Related: Here’s a profile of Haidt from The Chronicle of Higher Education.


Conscience and Campus Orthodoxy by Jeremy Tedesco. On Friday, January 27, 2011, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals handed down an important victory for religious liberty on public university campuses in a lawsuit the Alliance Defense Fund brought against Eastern […]


Christopher Lane: Two Ways of Thinking About Agnosticism: Hitchens vs. Dawkins. In his 2010 religion debate with Tony Blair, roughly a year before his untimely death, Christopher Hitchens decided to address what he said was most “twisted and immoral in […]


The Importance of Dignity: A Reply to Steven Pinker by Christopher Kaczor. Steven Pinker, a Harvard psychologist, is well known for his 2008 article in the New Republic titled “The Stupidity of Dignity.” The President’s Council on Bioethics, in its […]

The Truth

Books & Culture reviews Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, & Life Together by Mark and Grace Driscoll.


Our Elective Despotism by Lawrence Sellin. There are many things obvious to ordinary Americans that cannot be mentioned publicly in the polite political company of the Republican and Democratic establishments or among their press agents in the mainstream media, who […]


Aping Mankind: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity by Raymond Tallis. In a devastating critique Raymond Tallis exposes the exaggerated claims made for the ability of neuroscience and evolutionary theory to explain human consciousness, behaviour, culture and society. While […]


European Politicians in Denial as Greece Unravels by Sven Böll, Alexander Neubacher, Ralf Neukirch, Christian Reiermann, Christoph Schult and Anne Seith. Once again, Europe is arguing over a bailout for Greece, and it looks as though the result will be […]


Mormonism Obsessed with Christ by Stephen H. Webb. Mocking Mormonism is one of the last frontiers of verbal lawlessness to be untouched by the vigilante powers of political correctness. What other group is ridiculed equally by Christians and secularists—and not […]

Icon II

City Journal reviews American Nietzsche: A History of an Icon and His Ideas by Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen.


The Sky Is Rising! For years now, the legacy entertainment industry has been predicting its own demise, claiming that the rise of technology, by enabling easy duplication and sharing — and thus copyright infringement — is destroying their bottom line. […]

Far Apart?

Americans’ Political Views Not So Far Apart In an election year, it’s hard to turn on the television or read a newspaper without getting the sense that Americans are becoming ever more divided into red versus blue. But a new […]

Taxes Owed

AP: Thousands of federal workers owe back taxes. President Barack Obama has preached that all Americans should pay their fair share in taxes, but a government report finds that tens of thousands of federal employees — from staffers in Congress […]


The Palestinian Narrative of Victimhood by Michael Curtis. A debatable aspect of modern thought is the thesis that the full truth is unknowable and that the interpretation of historical events and present behavior is a “narrative” reflecting the interests of […]


Obama’s Bogus Case for Tax Fairness by Sheldon Richman. In his State of the Union speech Tuesday night President Obama played the fairness card in calling for higher taxes on upper-income people. He said: [W]e need to change our tax […]


What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? by Alison Gopnik. “What was he thinking?” It’s the familiar cry of bewildered parents trying to understand why their teenagers act the way they do. How does the boy who can thoughtfully explain the […]


Meet the Marriage Killer It’s More Common Than Adultery and Potentially As Toxic, So Why Is It So Hard to Stop Nagging? More here.


Which GOP Candidate Would the Founders Support? by Brion McClanahan. I am often asked in interviews if the founding generation would recognize the modern government in Washington, D.C. I always answer yes, they would. They would recognize tyranny, the usurpation […]


Here’s a review of Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies. You can read a short excerpt here.