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Dan McLaughlin: Designated Hitters and the Economics of Baseball. Baseball is a game of traditions. It comes as no surprise, then, that nearly four decades after it was adopted, the game and its fans still have not fully embraced the […]

Last Session

The Couch and the Confessional by Joseph J. Siev. Sigmund Freud’s last book, Moses and Monotheism, was published in 1939, a year after he fled, mortally ill with cancer of the jaw, from Nazi-occupied Vienna to London. The book is […]

No Attack

Why Not to Attack Iran by Elbridge Colby and Austin Long. See here.

Islamist Egypt

What Would an Islamist Egypt Mean? by Frida Ghitis. The final runoff of Egypt’s first free elections in recent memory has ended and the result is clear: Islamist parties have swept the popular vote. Should the international community worry? In […]