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Debt Splits the Left by Thomas B. Edsall. Does the national debt – which has now reached a cumulative total of $15.4 trillion — pose a serious threat to the financial viability of the United States? This is not only […]


Giles Fraser: Nietzsche’s Passionate Atheism was the Making of Me. It may seem perverse but it was Nietzsche who was partly responsible for my own conversion to Christianity. As a philosophy student in the 1980s, I had served my time […]

Global War

Ayaan Hirsi Ali:The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World. We hear so often about Muslims as victims of abuse in the West and combatants in the Arab Spring’s fight against tyranny. But, in fact, a wholly different kind […]


Andreas Köstenberger shares his reflections from a recent debate between Bart Ehrman and Dan Wallace. Related: Dan Wallace here.

Wonder Dog

Wonder Dog. See here.