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Doubts About ‘The Jesus Discovery’ by Alan Boyle. Now that the word about “the Jesus Discovery” is out in the open, outside experts are weighing in — and many of them look upon the robotic exploration of a 1st-century Jerusalem […]


This is exactly the point I make in my own book. When It Comes To Sex, Women Know Best by Michael Castleman. If men made love the way most women prefer, both sexes would feel more sexually fulfilled—and many relationships […]


Landscapes of Nothingness by William Carroll. The fundamental question of why there is something rather than nothing is a metaphysical and theological question—and with respect to such a question the natural sciences necessarily have nothing to say. More at PD.

Judge Martin

An Atheist, a Muslim and a Judge: What Really Happened by Cathy Young. The story that flew around the blogosphere last week was guaranteed to cause an uproar: A Muslim assaults an atheist for mocking Mohammed, and a Muslim judge […]

Two Views

Afghans Don’t Hate America by Max Boot. Violent Afghan protests over the burning of Qurans have strengthened the hand of those in Washington who argue for a faster reduction of U.S. troops. Especially galling was an incident of violence within […]

Greatest Hits

Obama’s Union Speech a ‘Load of You-Know-What’ by David Harsanyi. False choices. Populist bromides. A lecture on values. President Barack Obama treated us to some of his greatest hits this week. More at Reason.


Stephen L. Talbott has a set of four essays at The New Atlantis “explaining the significance of a revolution in genetics and molecular biology that has only just begun to receive public attention.”