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Gone Fishing

Heading up to Murphys (for Irish Day), but it looks like the weather won’t be cooperating (heavy rain—and snow—is possible all weekend). No new posts until Sunday eve.


TNR reviews Allah, Liberty and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom by Irshad Manji.


Today BioLogos begins a six-part series by N.T. Wright which will run over the next six weeks, but you can view or download a paper the series is based on here. (pdf)


Obama is the Candidate of Fear by Matthew Continetti. On March 13 the Obama campaign released one of the more interesting fundraising appeals in recent memory. “If the general election were held today,” wrote campaign manager Jim Messina, “President Obama […]


Obama Flubs U.S. History — Again by Carl M. Cannon. He wasn’t born in Kenya, and he attended some of this country’s finest schools, but as he demonstrated anew on Thursday, Barack Obama shares with his fellow Americans one of […]