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Family Lore

Going Native by James Taranto. To judge by photographs, Elizabeth Warren, the leftist Democratic professor running for Scott Brown’s Senate seat, is as white as a polar bear’s ghost after a dental bleaching in a snowstorm. But the Boston Herald […]


James Read reviews James Madison and the Making of America by Kevin R.C. Gutzman.


The Auto Bailout Bust by Bill McMorris. President Barack Obama has made the auto bailout a centerpiece of his reelection campaign, using it to bash Republican nominee Mitt Romney. But the tactic may backfire as the general election heats up, […]


The New Class Warfare by Joel Kotkin. Few states have offered the class warriors of Occupy Wall Street more enthusiastic support than California has. Before they overstayed their welcome and police began dispersing their camps, the Occupiers won official endorsements […]

Libertarian Parenting

Why I Mock “Attachment Parenting” and the Kids It Produces Or, The Case for Libertarian Parenting by Kennedy. Before I had children I thought I knew the kind of folks I despised. People such as the overly demonstrative dad who […]

The Future?

Apocalyptic Daze by Pascal Bruckner. Around the turn of the twenty-first century, a paradigm shift in our thinking took place: we decided that the era of revolutions was over and that the era of catastrophes had begun. The former had […]


Steven Malanga: How Retirement Benefits May Sink the States Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently offered a stark assessment of the threat to his state’s future that is posed by mounting pension and retiree health-care bills for government workers. Unless Illinois […]

Less Belief

Logical Thought Causes Less Religious Belief by Tara Francis. Thinking logically, or even just thinking about thinking logically, causes people to report higher levels of religious disbelief. A study published this week in Science, established that people exercising analytical thinking […]


The New York Journal of Books reviews Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science by Michael Brooks. “It’s comforting to know that the people we rely on care about us and their work with all their hearts. But it’s uncomfortable […]


How Highbrows Killed Culture by Fred Siegel. It is one of the foundational myths of contemporary liberalism: the idea that American culture in the 1950s was not only stifling in its banality but a subtle form of fascism that constituted […]


Michael Sean Winters pans Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics by Ross Douthat. Ross Douthat’s analysis of religion in America is more sophisticated than the analysis of, say, Rick Santorum—but not by much. There are many ways […]


“Crucify Them”: The Obama Way by Michelle Malkin. One of President Obama’s radical eco-bureaucrats has apologized for confirming an indelible truth: This White House treats politically incorrect private industries as public enemies who deserve regulatory death sentences. Environmental Protection Agency […]


In Europe, a Marriage Shows Signs of Fraying by Floyd Norris. If the European monetary union is something like a bad marriage, what can be done to avoid a messy and disastrous divorce? Broadly speaking, there are now two prescriptions. […]


Wisconsin’s New Aristocracy Is On The Ballot by Peter Ferrara. Our Founding Fathers carefully eliminated in American law every special legal privilege of the old aristocracies of Europe. They strongly favored instead equality under the law, later enshrined in the […]


As California Collapses, Obama Follows Its Lead by Joel Kotkin. Barack Obama learned the rough sport of politics in Chicago, but his domestic policies have been shaped by California’s progressive creed. As the Golden State crumbles, its troubles point to […]


The new Egypt, better than the old Egypt? Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives for up to six hours after their death, local media is claiming. The controversial new law is claimed […]

Two Views

60 Minutes Smears Israel for Christian Exodus From Holy Land by Dexter Van Zile. Palestinian Christians, like other religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East, are the target of mistreatment, harassment and in some instances, violent oppression at the […]


For Paul’s True Believers, a Study in American Optimism by Dan Merica. Darryl Williams and Benjamin Kline were shivering before the speech even started, their black umbrella no match for the steady rain and brisk Philadelphia wind. Even as water […]

Gathering Storm

Europe’s Gathering Storm by David Ignatius. With Socialist leader Francois Hollande likely to become the next president of France, Europe’s hot populist anger is about to confront the cold austerity measures required by the eurozone, with a predictable result: a […]


Inventing Jesus: An Interview with Bart Ehrman. See here.