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The Next War by Douglas A. Ollivant and Radha Iyengar. Americans are fooling themselves if they think the era of adventures abroad is over. In fact, another big international intervention is just around the corner. And we’re not nearly ready […]

Inner Ear Brigade

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing one of the most innovative bands I have heard in quite some time, the Inner Ear Brigade (Oakland, Calif). At their website they describe themselves thus: Inner Ear Brigade’s music stretches boundaries and […]


TNR reviews A Book Forged in Hell: Spinoza’s Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age by Steven Nadler. You can read Chapter 1 here. (pdf)

Sheer Fiction

Millennials: The Greatest Generation or the Most Narcissistic? by Jean M. Twenge. Popular books have argued that today’s 20-somethings are more service-oriented than any generation since World War II. But new research suggests the opposite. More at Atlantic.