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The Medication Generation by Katherine Sharpe. When I was a college freshman in the late 1990s, antidepressants were everywhere. Prozac was appearing on magazine covers, and I’d just seen my first commercial for Paxil on TV. Halfway through the semester, […]


Democratic Heretics by Steven F. Hayward. The never-ending Democratic attempt to resurrect the strategy that destroyed Barry Goldwater in 1964—he’s an extremist, don’t you know—rolls on, with liberals and the media trying to tar the Republican party as an “ideological […]


Why We Lie, Go to Prison and Eat Cake: 10 Questions With Dan Ariely by Joanna Pearlstein. A professor of behavioral economics and psychology at Duke University, Ariely is the author of Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our […]


Containing the Islamist Revolution by Ephraim Sneh. When politicians are in election mode, they can see nothing but victory. All decisions, all considerations, are subservient to one question: how they can convince voters to check their name at the ballot […]


Atheist Acceptability on the Rise in America by David Niose. The good news for nonbelievers is that, for the first time ever, more than half the American population would vote for a qualified, open atheist for president. A recent Gallup […]


The Political Genius of John Roberts by Ezra Klein. After Chief Justice Charles Evan Hughes deftly beat back Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s court-packing proposal, FDR said, with grudging admiration, that Hughes was the best politician in the country. “That was hardly […]

New Power

An Unpersuasive Majority Ruling on Obamacare by Ilya Somin. Today’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision upholding the individual health insurance mandate shows that the Supreme Court takes constitutional limits on federal power seriously – but not seriously enough. As a result, […]


The Left, the Right, and the Constitution by Yuval Levin. Whatever decision the Supreme Court announces on Obamacare tomorrow, the various liberal missives of anticipatory anxiety in recent days have already revealed a great deal about the Left’s attitude toward […]

Hollywood Bound

The Jesus Seminar Goes to Hollywood by Tim Kelleher. Who says Hollywood doesn’t get religion? There’s a new Jesus movie in the works right now — a pet project of Showgirls director, Paul Verhoeven. This one even has an exciting […]

New Orthodoxy

At the Door of the Temple: Religious Freedom and the New Orthodoxy by Philip Tartaglia. The new orthodoxy of secularism fails to understand that the virtues generated by religious freedom underpin and encourage a healthy democracy. More at PD.


Haidt: Conservatives Have Broader Moral Sense Than Liberals In 2004, Jonathan Haidt had an experience that changed his intellectual life. The influential moral and social psychologist — at the time an atheist and a liberal — was at the Strand, […]

Dating God

Why Jesus Isn’t Your Boyfriend: A Critique of Dating God by Courtney Reissig. Christian women need a better framework for relating to God amid their singleness. More here.


The Church Changed the Perception of Rape by Niels Ebdrup. In the Middle Ages the Danish church changed the perception of rape from vandalism against a man’s property to a crime against the raped women. Read more here.

Mind Reader

Neuroscience: The Mind Reader by David Cyranoski. Adrian Owen still gets animated when he talks about patient 23. The patient was only 24 years old when his life was devastated by a car accident. Alive but unresponsive, he had been […]


How Obama Lost Canada by Derek H. Burney and Fen Osler Hampson. Permitting the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline should have been an easy diplomatic and economic decision for U.S. President Barack Obama. The completed project would have shipped […]


City Journal reviews End This Depression Now! by Paul Krugman.


The Apocalypse Is Nigh—So Laugh It Up? by Thomas Hibbs. Can the end of the world be funny? What about divine punishment? Judging by the recent spate of movies by Steve Carell, Jim Carrey and others, Hollywood certainly seems to […]

Lousy Forecasters

Political Scientists Are Lousy Forecasters by Jacqueline Stevens. Desperate “Action Alerts” land in my in-box. They’re from the American Political Science Association and colleagues, many of whom fear grave “threats” to our discipline. As a defense, they’ve supplied “talking points” […]


Egypt: A Muslim Brotherhood President Does Not Prove That We Are All ‘Chimps’ by Barry Rubin. Muhammad al-Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, has become president of Egypt. But what does it mean to be president of Egypt? That’s the current […]


NPR provides an excerpt from Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids by Bryan Caplan.