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Modern Science

Medieval Christianity and the Rise of Modern Science by James Hannam. Part 1 Part 2


At This ‘Mormon Moment,’ Convey Truth & Grace by Ed Stetzer. The problem is that most Mormons want to use the Christian label without believing biblical, Christian theology. The obvious question is, how divergent can your views be and still […]

Sorry State

The Sorry State of Secularism by Jacques Berlinerblau. As Election Day draws near, can we secular Americans claim to be better off than we were four years ago? Besieged by the Christian Right, assailed by Republicans, shunted aside by Democrats, […]


Evangelists of Democracy by David Rieff. Like the human-rights movement, democracy promotion is a radical project of social and political transformation whose adherents will not or cannot acknowledge either the ideological or the revolutionary character of their enterprise. In this, […]


Psychopathy’s Double Edge by Kevin Dutton. Over a 28-year-old single-malt scotch at the Scientific Study of Psychopathy’s biennial bash in Montreal in 2011, I asked Bob Hare, “When you look around you at modern-day society, do you think, in general, […]


Monopoly Is Theft by Christopher Ketcham. The antimonopolist history of the world’s most popular board game. More at Harpers.


The European Left and Its Trouble With Jews by Colin Shindler. Last week, Twitter shut down a popular account for posting anti-Semitic messages in France. This came soon after the firing of blanks at a synagogue near Paris, the discovery […]


Neither Darwin Nor God? by William Carroll. Distinguished philosopher Thomas Nagel rejects both evolutionary materialism and theism as adequate accounts of the origin and nature of human life, proposing instead a naturalistic “nonpurposive teleology.” But naturalistic teleology, just like existence […]


Smallest Giants Come Up Big in Game 4 by Ann Killion. Little Marco Scutaro stood in the batter’s box against big Phil Coke in the top of the 10th inning and didn’t flinch. Looked at a strike and three balls […]


Congratulations to my beloved team the SF Giants, who tonight won their second World Series in three years.

Won’t Die

The Benghazi Story Refuses To Die, And It’s Hurting The President by Walter Russell Mead. We still don’t know exactly what happened between the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA and the White House as Americans in Libya requested support […]

Gone Fishing

Today I’m heading to the Solvang area for a week of rest, relaxation, and wine tasting. There will be no new posts until next Sunday (28th).

Distilled Spirits

Kimberly Winston reviews Distilled Spirits: Getting High, then Sober, with a Famous Writer, a Forgotten Philosopher, and a Hopeless Drunk by Don Lattin. (Lattin is the long-time religion writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.)


We Must Dis-Honor God by Philip Jenkins. I recently watched yet again a film that is a long time favorite of mine, the 1964 Zorba the Greek. But it is easy to misunderstand this classic. In one horrifying scene, local […]

Christian Philosophers

Why the Christian Philosopher and Christian College Need Each Other by Thaddeus Kozinski. See here.


Malpractice On Dr. Oz: Pop Health Expert Hosts Anti-GM Food Rant; Scientists Push Back by Jon Entine. The talk show health and science advice program hit a new low with Dr. Mehment Oz’s recent foray into the debate over genetically […]

Dark Side

The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson by Henry Wiencek. With five simple words in the Declaration of Independence—“all men are created equal”—Thomas Jefferson undid Aristotle’s ancient formula, which had governed human affairs until 1776: “From the hour of their birth, […]


Why We Love Outing Internet Trolls by Michael Taft. Michael Brutsch appeared to be an upstanding citizen. He is the father of a teenage son who joined the Marines, loves cats, and lives with his disabled wife in Arlington, TX. […]

Only Hope

Forbes provides a lengthy review of The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure by John A. Allison. BB&T Bank has long been revered by those who think government has grown too close to the financial services industry. Led from […]


The American People Deserve the Facts by Bill Galston & Mark McKinnon. “What you’re saying is just not true,” Barack Obama told his opponent in Tuesday night’s presidential debate. “It’s absolutely true,” Mitt Romney replied. If the two candidates — […]