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The Iraq War That Might Have Been by Michael R. Gordon and Bernard E. Trainor. Ten years on, newly published secret documents shed new light on potential turning points the United States missed. More at FP.


For Detroit, a Crisis of Bad Decisions and Crossed Fingers by Monica Davey and Mary Williams Walsh. This city was already sinking under hundreds of millions of dollars in bills that it could not pay when a municipal auditor brought […]


Seeds of Conflict by Andrew Curry. Genetically modified corn and soy dominate U.S. farms, but activist raids have kept Europe GMO-free. The fight over the next Green Revolution has just begun. More at Discover. Rebuttal here.


Constitutional Reforms: Hungary Steps Away from European Democracy by Keno Verseck. Hungarian President János Áder arrived in Berlin on Monday for what might look merely like a standard bilateral meeting between two EU leaders. But the relationship between the European […]


The Global Swarm by P.W. Singer. “One plan was to use an unmanned aerial vehicle to carry 20kg of TNT to bomb the area, but the plan was rejected because we were ordered to catch him alive.” This is what […]


North Korea’s Statecraft of Suicide by Jonathan Levine. The Impossible State is the title of Victor Cha’s recent penetrating work on North Korea. Few descriptions have ever been so apt. Once again thrust into international spotlight by their third nuclear […]