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Ingersoll III

Here’s an adapted essay from The Great Agnostic: Robert Ingersoll and American Freethought by Susan Jacoby.


Gay Marriage: From Sexual Outlaws to Sexual In-Laws by Walter Russell Mead. In case you hadn’t heard, the Supreme Court this week is entertaining two gay marriage cases. On Tuesday, the Justices heard oral arguments about Proposition 8, the California […]


Pills Fight Pain — And You Don’t Even Have to Take Them by Tom Jacobs. Looking for a simple way to raise your pain threshold? Grab a bottle of ibuprofen … and then put it back down, unopened. Newly published […]

End Tax

Difference Engine: End the Ethanol Tax The uneasy relationship between America’s corn (maize) farmers and its oil refiners is fraying at the edges. The source of the conflict is the amount of corn-derived ethanol which has to be blended into […]