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The New York Review of Books reviews The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat by Vali Nasr. For the last decade or so, Vali Nasr has published original, pragmatic work about Middle Eastern politics. The Shia Revival, his 2006 […]


Gay Marriage Fight Now Becomes a Religious Liberty Fight by Timothy P. Carney. Today’s talk of tolerance and acceptance of gay marriage will soon give way to intolerance and rejection of those who hold a traditional view of marriage. The […]


The Sprawling, Dimming Age of Obama by Lloyd Green. In Barack Obama, America elected a chief executive whose Department of Justice has repeatedly targeted the press, whose Internal Revenue Service has gone gunning for conservatives, and whose government has elevated […]


Terror and Foreign Policy by Douglas Farah & Mark Dubowitz. Earlier this month, Alberto Nisman of Argentina, the special prosecutor responsible for investigating the Iranian-planned 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people, handed down […]


Glenn Greenwald adresses the smears.


Threats to Religious Freedom in Europe by Roger Trigg. By failing to recognize the importance of religion and its relationship to human rights, European courts are progressively eroding religious liberty. More at PD.

Good Grief

And Republicans are the crazy party??? 26% of Obama Supporters View Tea Party as Nation’s Top Terror Threat. More here.


Some Nonbelievers Still Find Solace in Prayer by Michelle Boorstein. Each morning and night, Sigfried Gold drops to his knees on the beige carpeting of his bedroom, lowers his forehead to the floor and prays to God. In a sense. […]


Are You Out of Your Brain? Reflections on Free Will and Neuroscience by Mark S. Latkovic. If, by chance or interest, you have been following contemporary neuroscience, the expression “Are you out of your mind?” should be shelved in favor […]

The Past

Left Lives in the Past on Voting Rights by Jonathan S. Tobin. Listen to the hue and cry from liberals over the Supreme Court’s decision today in Shelby County v. Holder and you would think the conservative majority had just […]


Here’s an excerpt from To America with Love by A. A. Gill. “Stupid, stupid. Americans are stupid. America is stupid. A stupid, stupid country made stupid by stupid, stupid people.” I particularly remember that because of the nine stupids. It […]

Working Women

Think Again: Working Women by Kay Hymowitz. Everywhere on Earth — including in the Scandinavian countries that have tried almost everything short of obligatory hormone therapy aimed at equalizing power between the sexes — mothers remain the default parent while […]


Passing Through the Sirens by David Elliot. Serious moralists of the past always warned Christians against three sources of temptation: the world, the flesh, and the devil. Most people can script the flesh and the devil into tempter roles of […]


The Higher Education Scandal by Harvey C. Mansfield. Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, is an institution of good reputation and high quality, where I have some friends. It offers a liberal arts education typical of the best available in America […]


The Insiders: The President Plans to Raise Your Power Bill by Ed Rogers. On Tuesday, President Obama will announce his plan to increase everyone’s power bill. Or, as he puts it, “a national plan to reduce carbon pollution, prepare our […]


A Country Divided: Where Is Turkey Headed? by Daniel Steinvorth and Bernhard Zand. The uprising against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan clearly shows the deep divide between modernity and tradition in Turkey. Economic growth had long disguised the cleft. But […]

Theme Park

Hezbollah’s Disneyland by Michael J. Totten. Hezbollah now has a theme park. The Tourist Landmark of the Resistance promises a fun-filled day for the entire family celebrating the holy Islamic “resistance” against the perfidious Zionist Entity. The Syrian- and Iranian-backed […]


Feel Free to Help Yourself by Sarah L. Courteau. There is a booming market for self-improvement guides among Americans eager to redeem themselves from the sins of sloth, gluttony, or general discontent. But what qualifies one person to tell another […]


Federal Regulations Have Made You 75 Percent Poorer by Ronald Bailey. The growth of federal regulations over the past six decades has cut U.S. economic growth by an average of 2 percentage points per year, according to a new study […]

Class Clown

My oldest daughter was the female “class clown”* of her high school and for those who wonder where our children’s sense of humor comes from, check this out. *They used the more politically correct “most likely to appear on SNL.”