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New Theory

A New Theory on “Mark Twain” by Daniel Hernandez. In the 150 years Samuel Clemens has been better known as Mark Twain, journalists, scholars, and even bartenders have offered competing theories as to where America’s first signature wit acquired his […]


More Shutdowns, Please: The Pro-Democracy Case For An Obamacare Crisis by James Poulos. In all likelihood, Republican efforts to defund Obamacare are toast — and sooner rather than later. It appears to be a fantasy that a bill to defund […]


Sean Higgins reviews More Than They Bargained For: Scott Walker, Unions, and the Fight for Wisconsin by Jason Stein and Patrick Marley.


Bed-Stuy’s (Unfinished) Revival by Kay S. Hymowitz. Of all the changes that I’ve witnessed in Brooklyn since settling there 30 years ago, none has surprised me more than the blossoming reputation of Bedford-Stuyvesant, now the fastest-growing neighborhood in New York’s […]


The Rising Antiscience by Victor Stenger. New atheism refers to a set of ideas presented in a series of bestselling books that appeared between 2004 and 2007. Today it remains a strong but minority view among atheists. Basically, new atheists […]


Forget Venus and Mars, We’re Beginning to Understand Gender Behavior on Earth by Kate Shaw Yoshida. Gender gaps permeate nearly every aspect of our culture, as everything from comic books to the constitution seems to stress the differences between men […]


Beware Persian Leaders with Masks by Michael J. Totten. Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke on the phone for a couple of minutes on Friday, and NBC News breathlessly reported that this was “the first time leaders from […]


Tesla Motors and the Folly of Government Intervention by A. Barton Hinkle. Anyone searching for a case study to explain what is wrong with capitalism in America today can stop looking. We have the perfect specimen: Tesla Motors. Federal and […]


Managing Autonomous Transportation by Bryant Walker Smith. “Today we are well underway to a solution of the traffic problem.” This claim, made by Robert Moses in 1948, is as true today as it was then. Which is to say, not […]

New Clothes

The Vatican’s New Clothes: Very Small Embryonic-Like Cells and Faith in Evidence Not Seen by Ann Neumann. Once upon a time, and not so long ago, the scientific world beheld a new kind of cell that, when captured at just […]


Confessions of an Iconoclastic Sociologist by J. Scott Lewis. The overwhelming liberalism of sociology professors stunts debate and turns away good students. More here.


On the Bulk Collection of Tangible Things by David S. Kris. Beginning in June 2013, in response to a series of unauthorized disclosures of classified information, the government confirmed and revealed information about its use of the tangible things provision […]


Six Lies Most People Believe About U.S. Schools by Joy Pullmann. Popular lies about U.S. education certainly don’t do the kids any good. They just let the adults continue to feel comfortable while kids receive increasing diagnoses of ADHD (one […]


Americans Aren’t Bound To Pay the Government’s Debts by Sheldon Richman. If the “consent of the governed” is a sacred American principle, how does the government borrow money in our names and compel us to repay the debt? More at […]


The Moral Structure of Pedophilia by Anthony Esolen. In contemporary America, condemnation of pedophilia rests on sentiment and not on moral reasoning. Nobody can simultaneously explain why pedophilia is so vile and uphold the first commandment of the sexual revolution: […]


The Importance of the Afterlife. Seriously. by Samuel Scheffler. I believe in life after death. No, I don’t think that I will live on as a conscious being after my earthly demise. I’m firmly convinced that death marks the unqualified […]


The Unbelievable Savagery of the Kenya Mall Terrorists by Alec Torres. As if the senseless massacre of innocents in Nairobi’s Westgate mall was not horrific enough, reports are surfacing that the Islamic terrorists who seized the mall last weekend tortured, […]


Government Shutdown: Compromise Is Not a Holy Sacrament by David Harsanyi. When Sen. Ted Cruz rolled out an epic 21-hour anti-Obamacare “filibuster,” his efforts were ridiculed by journalists across the Twitterverse as a useless exercise in would-be obstructionism. No surprise […]


The Danger In Our Midst by Raheel Raza. The past week has been bloodier than usual in the Muslim world. Three major attacks in different parts of the world — Iraq, Pakistan and Kenya — have one thing in common: […]


Seven Reasons to Be More Physically Affectionate by Kory Floyd. Whether you’re a touchy-feely person or not, there are multiple reasons to be more physically affectionate in your close relationships. More at PT.