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Rand Paul Is Right: Social Conservatives Should Embrace Libertarianism by David Harsanyi. The growing state, after all—not the atheist—is religion’s biggest rival. More at Reason.


Jonathan Rée reviews Culture and the Death of God by Terry Eagleton.


Peggy Noonan: America and the Aggressive Left The constant mischief of the progressive left is hurting the nation’s morale. There are few areas of national life left in which they are not busy, and few in which they’re not making […]


The Dark Psychology of Being a Good Comedian by Olga Khazan. New research shows that the best humor is both a little bit wrong and a little bit right. Is there something about comedians that makes them better at subversion? […]


Erickson, Sullivan, And What “Bigots” Deserve by Hunter Baker. Andrew Sullivan and Erick Erickson recently agreed on something having to do with gay marriage and community life. Well, sort of, anyway. The nature of Sullivan’s agreement is productive of further […]


The Evidence for Virtue: Social Science, Natural Law, and Human Flourishing by Paul D. Miller. Christians have nothing to fear and everything to gain from good social science. It provides a way to talk normatively about human flourishing in terms […]


Religious Experience and the Modern Self by Ross Douthat. See here.


Planet Boredom by Kate Greene. On Mars I learned that boredom has two sides – it can either rot the mind or rocket it to new places. More.


The Economist: What’s Gone Wrong with Democracy The protesters who have overturned the politics of Ukraine have many aspirations for their country. Their placards called for closer relations with the European Union (EU), an end to Russian intervention in Ukraine’s […]


Jeremy Beer profiles theologian David L. Schindler.


Faithless: The Politics of New Atheism by Steven Kettell. The emergence of ‘new atheism’ during the course of the last decade helped fuel an upsurge of interest in issues around religion. But scholarly analysis of new atheism, particularly its political […]


American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga by Alexis C. Madrigal. A $25 billion plan, a small town, and a half-century of wrangling over the most important resource in the biggest state. More at Atlantic.


To Syria And Back In 21 Days: Journey Of A Teenage Jihad by Laurent Borredon. They didn’t imagine “that it would be so hard.” Maybe that was because everything before their arrival in Syria had been so easy. Y. and […]


How Socialism Has Destroyed Venezuela by Juan Carlos Hidalgo. Milton Friedman once said that, if you put the government in charge of the Sahara desert, there’ll eventually be a shortage of sand. No wonder that, after 14 years of socialist […]


Obama’s Bogus Budget by A. Barton Hinkle. “With the 2015 budget request,” The Washington Post reported last week, “Obama will call for an end to the era of austerity that has dogged much of his presidency.” Well, it’s about time! […]


The Limits of Life: Biology and the Philosophy of Nature by William E. Carroll. Biology continues to offer us new and exciting insights into the world. These insights need to be integrated into a philosophical perspective that is richer than […]


Jeremy Waldron has a lengthy review (pdf) of On Constitutional Disobedience by Louis Michael Seidman.


The Real Agenda Behind the Push for “Islamophobia” by Raheel Raza. Islamists have been successful in building the Islamophobia industry: it diverts attention from activities they would probably prefer not be noticed, such as promoting sharia law in the West, […]


The Marriage Paradox by Clancy Martin. Last Thanksgiving, at the turn-of-the-century house Amie and I just bought in old Kansas City: Amie, my third wife; Rebecca, my second; Alicia, my first; Amie’s mom, Pat; and my three daughters sat around […]


Our Overcentralized Federal Government by Rich Tucker. In the winter Olympics, the Czech Republic squared off in the medal round against one-time partner Slovakia. Nearby, restive Russian provinces such as Chechnya hope for independence. Later this year, Scotland will vote […]