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Al Qaeda Isn’t ‘On Its Heels’ by Reza Jan. The president’s optimistic characterization of the al Qaeda threat in South Asia is increasingly outdated. The terrorist group is regenerating due to a pause in U.S. drone activity and the ongoing […]


A Free Market Guide To Assessing Reform Conservative Policies by Scott Lincicome. In the wake of Republican disappointments in 2008 and 2012, the market for the “future of conservative policy” is thick. The latest entrant into the fray is the […]


Building Strong Marriages, One at a Time by Rachel Sheffield. If healthy marriage is the basis of a strong society, it is worth every effort to strengthen it. Marriage education should supplement other efforts to address social problems. One of […]


PT interviews John Bruer, author of the book, The Myth of the First Three Years: A New Understanding of Early Brain Development and Lifelong Learning.

Trigger Warnings

College Students Call For ‘Trigger Warnings’ Before Unsettling Lessons by Andrew Desiderio. Students at several universities across the nation have requested policies that mandate professors use “trigger warnings” before presenting material students may deem upsetting, a new and growing trend […]


Thomas Piketty, a Not-So-Radical French Thinker by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. The economist and author of ‘Capital in the 21st Century’ may be causing a stir in the U.S., but his views are ho-hum in his own country. More at the WSJ.


Scot McKnight reviews The Theology of Dallas Willard: Discovering Protoevangelical Faith by Gary Black Jr.

A Fight

A Fight Worth Having: Classical Liberalism vs. Authoritarian Progressivism by Benjamin L. Smith. What threatens human flourishing today are governments inspired by authoritarian progressivism. More.


Here’s an excerpt from Why the Germans? Why the Jews? Envy, Race Hatred, and the Prehistory of the Holocaust by Götz Aly.


Atheists in the Bible Belt: A Survival Guide by Daniel Burke. Raleigh, North Carolina – Back home, they erase their Internet histories, look over their shoulders before cracking jokes and nod politely when co-workers talk about church. But in a […]

Sunshine Act

The Sunshine Act Will Publicize Big Pharma’s Undue Influence on Doctors by Susan Scutti. Most people know less about their doctor than they do about their local barista or bartender. The world of medicine—from the pediatrician checking your child’s breathing […]


Why Mass Killers Are Always Male by Jeffrey Kluger. There are no absolute certainties when it comes to mass killers, but a few things come close. Someone will use the term “disaffected youth” to describe the perpetrator. Somewhere there will […]

Strange Brews

Strange Brews: The Genes of Craft Beer by William Herkewitz. Troels Prahl, a brewer and microbiologist at the Southern California yeast distributor White Labs, sits at his company’s tasting room bar with four half-pints of beer. He describes each between […]


Lawrence Rosen reviews Do Muslim Women Need Saving? by Lila Abu-Lughod.


Rahm Emanuel’s Nightmare by Aaron M. Renn. The combative Chicago mayor’s reelection chances suddenly look grim. More at CJ.


The Real John Locke — And Why He Matters by Donald Devine. Scores of textbooks attest that John Locke is the most important intellectual influence on America’s Founding. No other first-tier philosopher can provide a moral and theoretical justification for […]


Fusionism As Foundation by Brandon James Smith. The current state of American politics is troubling for those who seek to defend the tradition of liberty. Progressivism relentlessly threatens human flourishing and free civilization. Self-proclaimed leaders of the conservative movement migrate […]

Gone Fishing

Heading to Fair Play CA for a little R & R and wine tasting in El Dorado County. No new posts until Monday evening or Tuesday morning.


The Hardest Place on Earth to be a Christian by Jesse Johnson. While there are many terrible places on earth to be a Christian (Sudan, North Korea, Afghanistan, Bhutan, etc.), Pakistan is arguably the worst. Other nations persecute believers, but […]


What Thomas Piketty Gets Wrong About Capitalism by Brink Lindsey. It’s hardly a mystery why Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century has generated so much intellectual excitement here in the United States. The subject of the book, economic inequality, […]