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Positive View

The Good of Government by Roger Scruton. In his first inaugural address, President Reagan announced that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem,” and his remark struck a chord in the hearts of his conservative […]


Why Teenagers Act Crazy by Richard A. Friedman. Adolescence is practically synonymous in our culture with risk taking, emotional drama and all forms of outlandish behavior. Until very recently, the widely accepted explanation for adolescent angst has been psychological. Developmentally, […]


A Perpetual Haven: Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Matters by Kim Colby. Respect for religious conscience is not an afterthought or luxury, but the very essence of the American political and social compact. Adapted from testimony presented before the […]


Liberty or Equality? by Myron Magnet. With the fulminating on the left about inequality—“Fighting inequality is the mission of our times,” as New York’s new mayor, Bill de Blasio, summed up the theme of his postelection powwow with President Barack […]


The Truth About Our Libertarian Age by Mark Lilla. It is time, twenty-five years on, to discuss the cold war again. In the decade following the events of 1989, we spoke about little else. None of us anticipated the rapid […]


Jim Holt reviews Self by Barry Dainton, and Me, Myself and Why: Searching for the Science of the Self by Jennifer Ouellette.


The Intuitive Guide to Religious Liberty Law by Jordan Lorence. Common sense can tell us whether particular citizens should be exempt from certain government policies for religious reasons. Codifying such instinctive judgments into formal statutes is more difficult. More.


The Catastrophe of the 20th Century by John Steele Gordon. Even today, with the world far richer and more technologically advanced than it was 100 years ago, the doubts engendered by the Great War remain. We have yet to recapture […]


The Dark Knight of the Soul by Tomas Rocha. For some, meditation has become more curse than cure. Willoughby Britton wants to know why. More at Atlantic.

Lost Again

Supreme Court Rules Unanimously Against Obama for 12th and 13th Time Since 2012 by John Fund. Did you know the Obama administration’s position has been defeated in at least 13 – thirteen — cases before the Supreme Court since January […]


A Conversation with Robert Kagan by Walter Russell Mead. See here.


A Political Lesson From ‘The School of Athens’ by George Fields. Arguing politics and philosophy with most people is therefore not an argument about ideas, but about identity. This is why, when one questions another’s political beliefs, the other person […]


Free Will and Punishment: A Mechanistic View of Human Nature Reduces Retribution by Azim F. Shariff, Joshua D. Greene, Johan C. Karremans, Jamie B. Luguri, Cory J. Clark, Jonathan W. Schooler, Roy F. Baumeister and Kathleen D. Vohs. If free-will […]


Can Democracy be Christian? Reflections on How To (Not) Be a Political Theologian by Stanley Hauerwas. I have always assumed that any theology reflects a politics, whether that politics is acknowledged or not. The crucial question is: what kind of […]


How The Trans-Agenda Seeks To Redefine Everyone by Stella Morabito. The transgender movement has strong totalitarian overtones that Americans don’t fully understand. More.


Rage Against the Outrage Machine by Conor Friedersdorf. The most searing critiques of George Will’s much-maligned column on rape misrepresent his arguments, illustrating a common flaw in American public discourse. Read more here.


John Isner and Nicolas Mahut: Hitting Themselves into History by John Feinstein. The best moments in sports are almost always those we least expect: The U.S. hockey team stunning the Soviet Union in the Lake Placid Olympics 30 years ago; […]


Global Warming Believers Deny Reality by Richard Rahn. Much of the media treat those who are skeptics about man-made global warming with the pejorative term “global-warming deniers,” as if they were Holocaust deniers. Yet many of those in the media […]


The Rise Of Uber Should Have Politicians, Regulators And Crony Capitalists Shaking With Fear by Bill Frezza. Consumers love choice and convenience, especially when it comes to getting from point A to point B. So as Uber takes the world […]

Existential Crisis

The Existential Crisis of the Liberal Millionaire by Kenneth P. Vogel and Tarini Parti. David Brock has a message for liberal millionaires: Don’t sweat being called hypocrites. Brock, a former “right-wing hit-man”-turned-top-big-money-Democratic-operative, is part of a behind-the-scenes campaign to convince […]