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Malice or Incompetence? by Adam Garfinkle. John Kerry’s ceasefire proposal for Gaza has probably destroyed what remained of the United States’ influence in the Middle East, at least for the duration of this administration’s tenure. More.


Who Invented the TULIP? by Timothy Paul Jones. See here.


Love & Lust by Virginia Rutter. Who says marriage is where desire goes to die? We can’t quite bring ourselves to believe that passion can thrive on modern love—because our sexual imagination is stuck in the past. More.


Legalization by Edict by Yuval Levin. Many people in Washington seem to be talking about the prospect of the president unilaterally legalizing the status of several million people who entered the country illegally as though it were just another political […]


The Peaceful Are Not Irrelevant by Alicja A. Gescinska. Brigitte Gabriel recently argued that, while the majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful, these peaceful Muslims don’t matter. History, Gabriel maintained, tells us that the peaceful majority is always […]

30 Years

The New Thirty Years’ War by Richard N. Haass. It is a region wracked by religious struggle between competing traditions of the faith. But the conflict is also between militants and moderates, fueled by neighboring rulers seeking to defend their […]


As Libya Implodes, “Smart Diplomacy” Becoming a Punch Line by Walter Russell Mead. The United States is pulling embassy staff out of Tripoli, and has issued a travel advisory that nicely outlines what a nightmare Libya has become. If Obama […]


How Vodka Conquered America by Neal Dewing. An interview with author Vic Matus about vodka’s rise to become America’s top-selling spirit. More.


Gas Heat by Jon Entine. A small foundation uses focused academic, media, and activist grants to redirect a policy debate. More.


Why Anti-Vaccination Movements Can Never Be Tamed by Elizabeth Yale. In Victorian England, nearly a century after the physician Edward Jenner had shown that exposure to the cowpox virus, or vaccinia, conferred immunity to smallpox, vaccination against smallpox was both […]


What Is ‘Traditional Christianity,’ Anyway? by Rod Dreher. It seems to me that “traditional Christian” is political code for “Christians who adhere to traditional teaching about sex and sexuality.” After all, it is possible to be a traditional Christian and […]


George Leef reviews The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution by John Compton.


Iraq’s Waterless Christians: The Campaign to Expel a Religion by Jason Motlagh. Qaraqosh is one of the last refuges in northern Iraq for Christians fleeing persecution by the militants of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, who swept into […]


Atheists Hardwired For Faith? Nope by Jeremy E. Sherman. Is God dead? New psychological research counters: Is atheism dead? Studies suggest that even people who claim to be committed atheists tacitly hold religious beliefs, such as in the existence of […]


The Many Fabricated Enemies of Feminists by Daniel Payne. Today’s feminists are adroit at manufacturing a successive series of mystical antagonists in order to advance their causes. More.


The Stereotypical Christians of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ by Laura Leonard. The series’ groundbreaking diversity disappoints in the realm of religion. More at CT.


The Seven Gambit by Richard Fernandez. Just as soon as Israel accepted an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire Hamas fired 47 rockets killing one Israeli citizen. Anyone who has followed the conflict could have predicted this with certainty; the point of a ceasefire […]


Inside Brandeis’s Anti-Israel Listserv by Adam Kredo. Brandeis University officials are working to distance themselves from a virulently anti-Israel internal listserv that shows a group of professors lashing out at the Jewish state in bizarre terms and attacking Brandeis’ Jewish […]


Jim Holt reviews Self by Barry Dainton, and Me, Myself and Why: Searching for the Science of the Self by Jennifer Ouellette.


Think before You Act: Against the Modern Cult of Spontaneity by Steven Poole. Truly living in the moment and being utterly spontaneous would render you unable to make and keep promises, or to formulate any kind of plan for helping […]