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The Stereotypical Christians of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ by Laura Leonard. The series’ groundbreaking diversity disappoints in the realm of religion. More at CT.


The Seven Gambit by Richard Fernandez. Just as soon as Israel accepted an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire Hamas fired 47 rockets killing one Israeli citizen. Anyone who has followed the conflict could have predicted this with certainty; the point of a ceasefire […]


Inside Brandeis’s Anti-Israel Listserv by Adam Kredo. Brandeis University officials are working to distance themselves from a virulently anti-Israel internal listserv that shows a group of professors lashing out at the Jewish state in bizarre terms and attacking Brandeis’ Jewish […]


Jim Holt reviews Self by Barry Dainton, and Me, Myself and Why: Searching for the Science of the Self by Jennifer Ouellette.


Think before You Act: Against the Modern Cult of Spontaneity by Steven Poole. Truly living in the moment and being utterly spontaneous would render you unable to make and keep promises, or to formulate any kind of plan for helping […]


America’s Middle-Class Myopia by Peter Augustine Lawler. How our cultural fixation on the welfare of the middle class blinds us to a deeper view of human freedom and flourishing. More.