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Here’s an excerpt from The Divine Conspiracy Continued by Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr.


Toward a Conservative Policy on Climate Change by Lee Lane. America’s climate policy to date has been a failure, and a costly one. The way it is now unfolding it runs a large chance of incurring high costs, and only […]


Libertarian Ideology Is the Natural Enemy of Science by David Robert Grime. Whether the issue is climate change, healthcare or gun control, libertarians are on a permanent collision course with evidence. More here. “Libertarian Ideology is the Natural Enemy of […]


You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia by Alastair Crooke. The dramatic arrival of Da’ish (ISIS) on the stage of Iraq has shocked many in the West. Many have been perplexed — […]


Gail Dines has extensive excerpts from her book, Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality, available here.


Marriage, Reason, and Religious Liberty: Much Ado About Sex, Nothing to Do with Race by Ryan T. Anderson. Whatever one’s views of marriage and however the state defines it, there is no compelling state interest in forcing all citizens to […]


It’s Actually Time For A Constitutional Moment by D.C. McAllister. For America to flourish, it doesn’t need a “libertarian moment” or even a conservative moment, with the latter’s emphasis on “traditional morality.” It needs libertarians and conservatives to come together […]


Against Empathy by Paul Bloom. When asked what I am working on, I often say I am writing a book about empathy. People tend to smile and nod, and then I add, “I’m against it.” This usually gets an uncomfortable […]


ISIS And The Virtue of Moral Clarity by Paul David Miller. Michael Boyle, a professor at La Salle University and a good friend of mine, wrote in the New York Times last week of his concern over the demonization of […]


Interreligious Theology? by Peter Berger. Though the official guardians of religious tradition have typically looked askance at the idea of interreligious dialogue, the practice of coming to terms intellectually with other faiths has a long and rich history. More.


Hamas’s “Victory” by Bassam Tawil. What is sad is that the Gazans have not yet been able to free themselves from the yoke of Hamas. The world seems not to understand that Hamas, like ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, does […]


Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis by Natalie Wolchover. Though galaxies look larger than atoms and elephants appear to outweigh ants, some physicists have begun to suspect that size differences are illusory. Perhaps the fundamental description of the […]

Too Much?

Can You See Too Much Jesus in the Bible? by Kevin P. Emmert. Throughout history, Christians have affirmed that Jesus is the focus of Scripture. But one Bible scholar is being forced to take early retirement by a conservative seminary […]


Huckabee and the Heresy of Americanism by Derek Rishmawy. See here.


A Pro-Hamas Left Emerges by Jeffrey Herf. In the pursuit of political goals and an anti-Israel message, Historians Against the War has abandoned the standards of its profession and adopted a stance that objectively supports Hamas’s war aims. More.


The Moral Divide Between Progressives and Traditionalists by James Kalb. A recent account of moral sentiments, proposed by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in his book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion (Pantheon, 2012), has […]


Psychology at the Theological Frontiers by Heather Looy. This article is an invitation to dialogue about the foundational assumptions of North American psychology, and the implications of those assumptions in research and practice. Mainstream psychology uses a positivist notion of […]


Are You a Narcissist? by Katy Waldman. The tricky psychiatric diagnosis is getting a lot of attention, which is exactly what it wants. More at Slate.

God’s Agents

This page has an excerpt from God’s Agents: Biblical Publicity in Contemporary England by Matthew Engelke.


Drugging Our Kids by Karen de Sá. Children in California’s foster care system are prescribed unproven, risky medications at alarming rates. More.