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The Evangelical Persecution Complex by Alan Noble. The theological and cultural roots of a damaging attitude in the Christian community. More at Atlantic.


Dante’s Heavenly Idealism by Stephen H. Webb. The great French historian Jacques Le Goff credited Dante with doing more than any theologian to make purgatory a meaningful part of Christian tradition, and, more recently, Jon M. Sweeney has argued that […]

The Law

Professor Arkes and the Law by Robert T. Miller. When the law limits the courts’ power to inquire into the truth or reasonableness of religious views, this is not because the law is assuming that religious beliefs lack rational foundation. […]


The Anti-Statist Alliance That Wasn’t by Peter Blair. A burgeoning alliance between social conservatives and civil libertarians to oppose the nanny state might help end some particular abuses, but in the end the two camps want very different things. Their […]