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Licensing Parents by Andrew Cohen. See here. Related: Stella Morabito responds here.


The Crisis in Secular Studies by Jacques Berlinerblau. Talking imprecisely about secularism is now an American rhetorical tradition. Politicians, policy makers, and journalists routinely deploy the term without really knowing—or caring—what it connotes. This is bad for us and for […]


The Coup That Failed: How the Near-Sacking of a University President Exposed the Fault Lines of American Higher Education by Talbot Brewer. See here.


What Atheists Can Actually Offer The Right by Rachel Lu. Some weeks back, Robert Tracinski wrote an essay on “What Atheism Can Offer the Right,” in which he suggested some contributions atheists can make to the political right. Conservatives are […]


Atlantic provides an excerpt from Sustainability: A History by Jeremy Caradonna.