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Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life by Douglas Kenrick. Maybe you don’t think of statistics as sexy. But Christian Rudder might very well change your mind about that. Rudder was a math major at Harvard. But instead of applying […]


The Strangest Theory We Know Is True by Brian Koberlein. When you think of the strangest scientific theory ever, you probably think of quantum mechanics. With its particle-wave duality and collapsing wavefunctions, it can certainly be considered a strange theory. […]


3 Ways Jesus Read the Bible That Evangelicals Are Told Not to Do by Pete Enns. For Evangelicals–and I’m among them–Jesus and the Bible are high on the priority list. Not just evangelicals but all Christians believe Jesus is the […]


How Liberals Became the New Book Banners by A. Barton Hinkle. The First Amendment is under fire from the progressive left. More at Reason.


Know the Facts: A Skeptic’s Guide to Climate Change by Berkeley Earth. See here. (pdf) The Federalist weighs in here.