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Evolution and Ethics, Revisited by Gertrude Himmelfarb. They persuade the world of what is false by urging upon it what is true.” That is John Henry Newman in The Idea of a University (1852) referring to the sciences of his […]


Rebecca Newberger Goldstein: What Plato Can Teach Us by Jonathan Derbyshire. Anyone who’s done an undergraduate degree in philosophy will have been made to read the great philosophers of the past—the 16th and 17th-century rationalists and empiricists, certainly, probably some […]


Intellectual Cowardice by Chris Walsh. “Are you afraid to finish your book?” My colleague was in the habit of needling his fellow scholars with this question. It struck particularly deep with me, because my book was about being afraid – […]


Speed Kills by Mark C. Taylor. “Sleeker. Faster. More Intuitive” (The New York Times); “Welcome to a world where speed is everything” (Verizon FiOS); “Speed is God, and time is the devil” (chief of Hitachi’s portable-computer division). In “real” time, […]


Conservatives, America, and Natural Law by Samuel Gregg. For conservatives, a retreat into self-imposed isolation isn’t a responsible option. We need more conservatives publicly witnessing that humans are wired to know and freely choose truth, and that this has implications […]