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Obama and the End of Greatness by Jeff Shesol. In March of 1977, several weeks into the Carter Administration, “Saturday Night Live” featured a skit called “Ask President Carter.” The premise was a radio program, hosted by Walter Cronkite (Bill […]


The India Myth by Rajan Menon. The ubiquitous reports of India’s emergence as a great power are bogus. The road is long, the advance slow and the arrival date uncertain. More.


The Plantagenet Effect by Robert Kaplan. Every school child should know about the Magna Carta, a document forced upon King John by his feudal barons in 1215 to limit the king’s power. But the full majesty of how the march […]


Italy’s in Terminal Decline, and No One Has the Guts to Stop It by Nicholas Farrell. The Rome Opera House sacked its entire orchestra and chorus the other day. Financed and managed by the state, and therefore crippled by debt, […]